Indian Railways set to complete 56 key existing projects in the Feb-Mar 21 & FY 2021-22

New Delhi: To boost Rail Infrastructure and make the Indian Railways network future ready, Indian Railways has identified 56 projects all across the country in various zones to be completed by Feb-Mar,21 and the FY 2021-22.

Indian Railways has highest ever total Plan capex of Rs. 2,15,058 Crores this year out of which Rs. 1,07,100 Crores for capital expenditure has been  allocated in the General Budget, This time onwards, in a paradigm shift, Railways has focussed on the completion of existing projects quickly as well besides simultaneity working on the new projects announced.

As far as new big projects are concerned, Rs 40932 Crores have been allocated for New Lines, Rs 26116  Crores for Doubling, Rs 5263 Crores for Traffic Facilities & Rs 7122 Crore for ROBs/RUBs. Traffic Facilities have seen  a whopping  156% jump in allocation while New Lines have got  52% increase in allocation as compared to Last Year.

Other than these major projects, for the convenience of Public, Railways is set to complete more than 1200 Road Over Bridge(ROB), Road Under Bridges (RUB), Subways this year. These ROBs/RUBs are of vital importance for public in cities and other areas where railway  lines are passing through.Over and above these existing projects, an  additional Rs 7122 Crores have been allocated for construction of new ROB/RUBs this year. It may be noted that total Number of existing ROB/RUBs in the country is 14000.

The thrust of Annual Plan 2021-22 is on infrastructure development, throughput enhancement, development of terminal facilities, augmentation of speed of trains, signaling systems, improvement of passengers/users’ amenities, safety works of road over/under bridges etc.

The following plan heads have been allotted highest ever outlays in BE 2021-22 –

(₹in cr)

Planhead BE 2020-21 BE 2021-22 Increase over BE 2020-21
New Lines 26971 40932 52%
Doubling 21545 26116 21%
Traffic Facilities 2058 5263 156%
ROB/RUBs 6204 7122 15%


The list of 56 Railway Projects to be completed in Feb-Mar 21 FY 2021-22 is as under:

Important New Line, gauge Conversion and Doubling  projects targeted to be commissioned in Feb-Mar 21 FY 2021-22

S.No. Name of Project Length of Project (Km) Month/Year of commissioning
Hansdiha-Godda New Line 32 Feb-21
Omalur-Metturdam Patch Doubling 29 Feb-21
Netravati-Mangalore 2 Feb. 21
Nirmali – Saraigarh New line including Kosi Bridge 22 Mar-21
Ahmedabad-Botad 170 Mar-21
Pilibhit-Shahjahanpur Gauge Conversion 83 Mar-21
Utretia – Raebarelli 66 Mar-21
Ghazipur-Aunihar 40 Mar-21
Bhusawal-Jalgaon 3rd line 24 Mar-21
Ambari-Falkata doubling 38 Mar-21
Ambalapuzha-Haripad 18 Mar-21
Gauge Conversion
30 Mar-21
Ajmer-Bangurgram Doubling 47 Mar-21
New Mynaguri-Gumanihat 52 Apr-21
Jayanagar – Bijalpura 52 May-21
Dhasa – Jetalsar GC 104 May-21
Bangurgram-Guriya Patch DL 47 May-21
Hajipur-Bachwara doubling 72 May-21
Kankanadi-Panambur 19 May-21
Raibarelli-Amethi  doubling 60 May-21
Pendra Road-Anuppur – 3rd line 50 May-21
Daund-Gulburga  doubling 225 Jun-21
Khurda Rd-Bararng 32 Jun-21
Katereah-Kursela patch doubling 7 Jun-21
Bandel Boinchi 3rd line 31 Jun-21
Mathura-Palwal 4th line 80 Jun-21
Jallandhar-Pathankot-Jammu Tawi doubling 209 Jun-21
Manoharpur-Bondamunda 3rd line 30 Jun-21
Kharagpur-Narayanagarh 3rd line 24 Jun-21
Arsikere-Tumkur doubling 96  June 21
Raibareilly-Amethi Doubling 60 Jun-21
Secunderabad-Mehboobnagar doubling 85 Jun-21
Yelahanka-Penukonda doubling 123 Jun-21
Bhadrachalam Road-Sattupalli 54 Jun-21
Vijayawada-Gudiwada-Bhimavaram-Narsapur, Gudiwada-Machlipatnam 221 Jul-21
Madurai – Bodinayakkanaur gauge Conversion 90 Sep-21
Ahmedabad-Mehsana Gauge conversion 69 Oct. 21
Digaru-Hojai doubling 102 Oct. 21
Dausa-Gangapur City New Line 93 Nov. 21
Sambalpur-Talcher doubling 168 Dec-21
Sambalpur-Titlagarh doubling 106 Dec-21
Raipur-Titlagarh 203 Dec-21
Banspani-Daitari-Tomka-Jakhapura doubling 164 Dec-21
Dankuni-Chandanpur 4th line 25 Dec-21
Boinchi Shaktigarh 3rd line 26 Dec-21
Bhimsen-Jhansi doubling 206 Dec-21
Kurruppanthara-Chingavanam doubling 27 Dec. 21
Bina-Kota doubling 283 Dec. 21
Viramgam-Samakhyali doubling 182 Dec. 21
Ayodhya- Varanasi – Railway Electrification 188 28-Feb-22
Guwahati-Lumding- – Railway Electrification 180 28-Feb-22
Mansi-Saharsa, incl. Saharsa-DauramMadhepura-Purnia& MM Banmakhi- Bihariganj
Gauge Conversion
169 31-Mar-22
Palanpur-Makarpura section (WDFC) 308 31-Mar-22
Rewari-Dadri section (WDFC) 127 31-Mar-22
Palanpur -Kandla port-Mundra port-Bhuj- Railway Electrification 475 31-Mar-22
Hospet-Hubli-Vasco – Railway Electrification 341 31-Mar-22

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