Indian Railways launches massive drive against smoking and carriage of inflammable material through Railways

New Delhi: In the view of incidents of fire resulting in loss of property and danger to life in various Zonal Railways, out of which few incidents appeared to have been caused by smoking onboard or transportation of inflammable material by the train. To curb such incidents, Indian Railways launched a massive drive against smoking and carriage of inflammable material through Railways. The above drive has been launched from 22.03.2021 with legal action from 31.03.2021. The drive may be continued till 30.04.2021.

Indian Railways has instructed all Zonal Railways to take following measures in mission mode:


1. Intensive Awareness Drive: An intensive awareness drive of 7 days may be launched to educate all the stakeholders i.e. railway users and railway/non railway employees working at stations and in trains such as parcel staff, lease holders and their staff, parcel porters, catering staff, staff engaged through outsourcing among others about precautions to be taken against fire incidents like enforcing “No Smoking”, preventing carriage of inflammable material through rail, checking SLRs/VPUs/Leased parcels against transportation of inflammable material etc by direct interaction, distribution of leaflets, pamphlets, pasting of stickers, conducting Nukkad Nataks, announcement through PA System at stations, advertisement in print, electronic media and social media etc.

2. Post the massive awareness drive, an intensive & sustained drive should be launched for the following:

a. Intensive drive may be conducted against smoking in trains and railway premises and violators may be booked under relevant provisions of Railways Act or Tobacco Act. An officer not below the rank of ticket collector of the commercial department or an officer of equivalent rank of operating department or an officer not below the rank of ASI in RPF have been notified as competent to act under the provisions of Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act 2003.

b. Regular checks may be done in trains against carriage of inflammable and explosive goods, including pantry cars (for carriage of LPG cylinders) and violators may be booked under relevant sections of Railways Act.

c. Regular checks may be undertaken in platforms, yards, washing/sick lines, stables coaches to check cases of lighting fire, using sigri for cooking food, collection of inflammable debris among others. The fueling points may also be covered under these checks. Legal action may be taken against the culprits.

d. Checking of parcels booked through Parcel offices/leaseholders may be done to curb chances of booking of inflammable and explosives material.

e. Action against authorized/unauthorized vendors using sigri/stoves in train and at platforms may also be taken.


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