Indian Railways have so far operated Kisan Rail services on eighteen routes

New Delhi: As per the announcement made in the Union Budget 2020-21, Indian Railways has started running Kisan Rail train services, to transport perishables and agri-product, including milk, meat and fish.

This is multi-commodity, multi-consignor/consignee, multi-loading/unloading transportation product which is aimed at providing wider market to Kisan.

The primary objective of running Kisan Rail trains is to increase the income in farm sector by connecting production centers to markets and consumption centers.

Railways have been actively pursuing with various stake holders – including Ministry of Agriculture, state governments, and local bodies – to plan roll out of Kisan Rail services. Based on demand pattern and feedback received from stakeholders, Railways have so far operated Kisan Rail services on eighteen routes.

The first Kisan Rail train was flagged-off on 07.08.2020 between Devlali (Mah) and Danapur (Bihar).

These Kisan Rail trains are run on time-tabled paths, and their punctuality is strictly monitored to avoid any en-route detentions and delays. These services have been introduced on 18 (eighteen) routes so far. Till 22nd Jan, 157 services of Kisan Rail have been run, transporting more than 49,000 Tonnes of consignments. Routes on which Kisan Rail trains have been operated so far are as under:

Route No From – To Date of
1 Devlali to Danapur

(now Sangola to Muzaffarpur)

2 Anantpur to Adarshnagar, Delhi 09-09-2020
3 Yeshwantpur to Nizamuddin 19-09-2020
4 Nagpur to Adarshnagar, Delhi 14-10-2020
5 Chhindwara to Howrah/New Tinsukia 28-10-2020
6 Sangola to Howrah  (via Secunderabad) 29-10-2020
7 Sangola to Shalimar 21-11-2020
8 Indore to New Guwahati 24-11-2020
9 Ratlam to New Guwahati 05-12-2020
10 Indore to Agartala 27-12-2020
11 Jalandhar to Jirania 31-12-2020
12 Nagarsol to New Guwahati 05-01-2021
13 Nagarsol to Chitpur 07-01-2021
14 Nagarsol to New Jalpaiguri 10-01-2021
15 Nagarsol to Naugachia 11-01-2021
16 Nagarsol to Fatuha 13-01-2021
17 Nagarsol to Baihata 19-01-2021
18 Nagarsol to Malda Town 20-01-2021


Utilization of these services is being monitored on a regular basis to ensure optimal utilization of Railway stock (Parcel Vans).

Primary commodities being transported via Kisan Rail are onion, tomato, oranges, potato, pomegranate, banana, custard-apple, carrots, capsicum, and other vegetables.

Commodities booked via Kisan Rail trains are charged at ‘P’-scale of parcel tariff. Under‘Operation Greens – TOP to Total’scheme of Ministry of Food Processing Industries a subsidy of 50% is being granted on the transportation of fruits and vegetables via Kisan Rail. This subsidy is being granted upfront at the time of booking itself, to the consignors/farmers – so that the benefit reaches the farmers without any hassles or procedural delays.

A Detailed Project Report for running Kisan Rail trains is also under preparation, through M/s RITES, which will assess important aspects of the project so as to obtain efficiency and economies of scales.

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