Indian consumers define themselves as ‘fridge obsessives

New Delhi: Over half Indian consumers (53%) claim to know the precise contents of their household fridge at any moment, nearly one-in-five (19%) would succumb to ‘sleepless nights’ if the contents were not renewed every day, and a third clean the fridge with ‘military precision’ at least once a week.  According to Mr. Kamal Nandi, Business Head & EVP, Godrej Appliances, this light-hearted survey reveals Indians as secret ‘fridge obsessives’, taking scrupulous care of the content and maintenance of their fridge.  Nearly half respondents (44%) empty and clean the fridge before departing on vacation, and the same proportion always wipe and clean food items before storing them in the fridge.  “The fridge – and its contents – certainly appear to be close to the heart of many Indians. We appear to be a nation of fridge obsessives!  But the findings also reveal other relationships and attitudes to this most ubiquitous of household appliances,” Mr Nandi says.“Other respondents to the study also revealed form of ‘fridge negligence’; over a quarter admitted to having no idea of the contents beyond bottled water, with 5% describing it as a ‘complete mystery’, while 8% can’t even recall the last time they changed the contents!” Other profiles were also revealed through the study. Over a quarter (27%) of respondents admit to regularly raiding the fridge after midnight, while India’s ‘fridge Spartans’ pride themselves on abstinence and self-control.   For around a quarter (27%) of such respondents, over 80% of their fridge’s contents is fresh (as opposed to packaged) foods, while a third of them (32%) never leave left-overs in the fridge for more than a couple of days. The survey also revealed Indian’s hedonistic streak when it comes to the contents of their fridge.  Over a third (37%) always ensure their fridge is stocked with ice cream, while one-in ten are permanently ‘party ready’, with 12% and 9% never running low on wine and beer, respectively.  According to Mr Nandi, these findings can be viewed within a deeper context of ‘fridge culture’ shaping and reflecting the way we live.  “The contents of people’s the fridges have always fascinated watchers of humanity; from psychologists to artists , as a proxy for how we live.  Checking the state and contents of the fridge has even become a recommended method to check on the suitability of a life partner! .  The US site,, for instance, actually requests users submit a photo of a potential dating partner’s open icebox and in return provides a detailed breakdown on his website of the ups and downsides of getting involved with this person!” says Mr Nandi.“While I can’t validate the accuracy of such romantic diagnoses, Godrej Appliances, remains committed to transforming the refrigerator from ‘just another kitchen appliance’ to a smart and genuinely interactive gadget. Our refrigerators are designed, not merely as cooling devices, but as something that something that can bring people closer through food. They feature some of the latest technology for discerning customers such as JTRT – Just the Right Temperature, Digital Touch Screen Panel, Motion Sensing Zone Light, Stay Cool Technology and Smart Air Lock Technology among others.
Mr Nandi concludes that – while the survey was light-hearted – different behaviors can have serious implications for people’s health and the maintenance of their fridges.  For instance hedonist are at risk of lifestyle diseases. Since a lot of ready to cook food is consumed and highly salty snacks are preferred with the beverages, it is an invitation for lifestyle diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Also overloading fridge can result in lower performance.
Following is a selection of the ‘fridge personalities’ identified in the research. Can you identify which ones most closely match you and your family?:1. Fridge Negligent – My fridge is just a piece of ‘kitchen furniture’ after all! If I really want fresh food ‘a la carte’ I’ll probably just dial it up; life is too short for ‘fridge diligence’ I have so many other things to worry about.
2. Fridge Spartan – You are a ‘minimalist’ in everything; from interior design to home nutrition; everything has its place, nothing to excess. For others it may be ‘bare minimum’; but being simply ‘adequate’ is an art in itself!
3. Fridge Raider – You are a person of passion and impulse; and your fridge is a perfect reflection of this combination!  It’s only with your fridge that you share a special complicity, whether for comfort or pure indulgence, whether it’s a ‘pre-lunch pit-stop’ or a ‘3am pick-up’.
4. Ice-box Hedonist – As your friends and neighbors would attest, you never need much excuse for a party, and the fridge is permanently stocked for the eventuality.  Whether it’s an IPL victory or end-or-term exams, people know whose doorbell to ring when it’s time to celebrate, and your fridge is permanently prepared!5. Fridge Obsessive – Your fridge is not merely a kitchen accessory, it is an extension of your character; neat, ordered, and constantly refreshed – just like you! People say you can learn a lot about a person’s character and priorities from their fridge; if this is the case, you’d make the ideal flat mate.

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