India Today Group launches, a portfolio of 7 digital channels

New Delhi: The India Today Group launched a new portfolio of 7 niche digital channels across 6 platforms under the umbrella of The digital channels from MOBILETAK.IN are NEWS TAK, SPORTS TAK, FOOD TAK, LIFE TAK, ASTRO TAK, TECH TAK and YOGA TAK. is an omniplatform channel and offers visitors an opportunity to know about what’s new, hot, trending, cool and interesting around the world. users will get access to a hot list of short and crisp videos on a wide range of topics across Sports, Cricket, Bollywood, Politics, Astrology, Food, Technology, Humour, Fashion and News.

This launch unleashes a new era for the group in the mobile space with a clear focus on video content made especially for viewing on the mobile device.

Commenting on this development, Ms. Kalli Purie, Vice Chairperson, India Today Group said, “Content consumption on mobile devices is growing at a phenomenal rate and we are catering to this growing appetite for content on mobile with this new launch. MOBILETAK.IN is Mobile First in content and experience. We always wanted to create a series of niche channels. This would have been a herculean task on Television, but the onslaught of content consumption on mobile and the current digital landscape have enabled in ushering in the simultaneous mega launch of the 7 niche digital channels”.

The portfolio of niche digital channels from MOBILETAK.IN is as below.
Sports Tak – Matches, bouts and everything you need to know to stay updated on sports in India and the world.
Astro Tak – Horoscopes to predictions and what is written in the stars. Get a glimpse of the future so that you can be prepared.
Life Tak – Work life, family, relationships, trends and more. Engage & connect with what matters to you.
Tech Tak – From mobiles to digital platforms, to what’s in and what’s not. Get the latest on gadgets and technology.
Yoga Tak – From health concerns to ageing, there is a yoga hack for everything, learn the asanas, sequences and techniques from the experts anytime and anywhere.
Food Tak – Master traditional Indian & international cuisines, share family recipes and specialties.
News Tak – Quick and short video updates on the latest news in India and around the world.

MobileTak is built over progressive web app technology which works on any handset and any operating system giving users access to content in the remotest parts of the country. The combination of content, technology and ease of sharing makes the platform very engaging for all users. Sharing is at the heart of MobileTak and allows users to share content via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail with just a click of a button.