India Drops To 9th Spot In Global Spam Call Ranking

Bhubaneswar: Truecaller today released the findings from their annual Truecaller Insights Report, that listed the Top 20 Countries Affected by Spam Calls in 2020. This is the fourth edition of the report wherein there has been a significant shift in the ranking of countries that received the most spam calls.With the pandemic breaking out earlier this year and countries going into lockdown, this year’s report has shown that not only has the pandemic affected communication. behavior but also spam patterns around the world. Talking about trends on a global level, Truecaller identified 145.4 billion unknown calls in 2020, a 25% jump compared to last year

According to the report, India has dropped down to 9th position in terms of number of spam calls received by users globally, while Brazil continues to stay on top. Spam calls received by users in India have decreased by 34%. Despite a reduction in the amount of spam calls received, India still makes it into the top 10 most spammed countries.

One of the most interesting revelations that came from this year’s report was that 98.5% of all spam calls in India originate from domestic numbers, which could partly explain why spam calls have been decreasing in India, as strict curfews implemented in the country earlier this year made it impossible for telemarketers to go to work, or utilise the equipment they need to carry out large scale spam campaigns.

Another interesting insight is that the first three months of lockdown in India saw calls to emergency services increase by 148%.With regard to spam call categorisation, operators continue to be the top spammers in India with 52% user calls received for the upselling of various offers and reminders. However, the study also witnessed telemarketing services emerging as big spammers, recording a total of 34%. Gujarat emerged as the state that received the most spam calls in 2020, followed closely by Maharashtra.