India and the Global South not only have a common future but also a common past: External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar

New Delhi : External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar today addressed the Foreign Ministers’ Session on G20 at Voice of Global South Summit and said that India and the Global South not only have a common future but also a common past. We shoulder burdens of a colonial past,even as we face inequities of the current world order.

He mentioned, “While we promote faster rebalancing, more multipolarity and reformed multilateralism, it is imperative that key global conversations of our times reflect our concerns and challenges. Challenges of unsustainable debt, unviable projects, trade barriers, contracting financial flows and climate pressure have been compounded by covid pandemic & knock-on effects of the Ukraine conflict.”

In our G20 Presidency, India will articulate an agenda that will prioritize: – A new globalization paradigm focused on vulnerable populations and decentralization; – Bringing down walls in accessing opportunities around the world; Taking collective efforts to address challenges of food&energy security; -Driving consensus on Green Development Pact of G20 Leaders, -Discussions on data for development; -Strengthening efforts to share resources,development templates, our unique experiences& knowledge base, said EAM.

Talking ahead , Jaishankar said,” PM Narendra Modi has declared that this is not an era of war. He has spoken about the imperative to give up the ‘us vs them’ mindset and to work collectively as one human family. From decolonization to resisting alignment, the Global South has always chosen the middle path, where diplomacy, dialogue and cooperation take primacy over competition, conflict and divisions.”

The path of peace, cooperation and multilateralism is a patient endeavour that requires enormous bridge building. It is the course that the world must take if the interests of the Global South are kept at its core, he added.

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