Inauguration Of CCTV Surveillance System at NTPC Kaniha

Kaniha: CCTV Security Surveillance System of NTPC Kaniha was inaugurated by Shri Sudip Nag Chief General Manager ,NTPC Kaniha by unveiling the plaque at the CISF main control room of the power station today .

The state of the art Control room established for the purpose of enhancing 24×7 Surveillance of the multiple locations of the power station .It has LED displays with joysticks to monitor and control the live video feeds from various locations.

In addition to this main control station, control rooms also have been established at solar plant, and PTS Township security control room. The monitoring facility has also been provided at Head of the Station Office, DC CISF office, AC CISF office.

The backbone of this CCTV network are cameras. The cameras installed in 51 locations covering main plant, MGR, Solar plant, and township have been integrated using 21 KMs of Optical fibre laid through underground trenches and in cable trays.

This CCTV surveillance system incorporated with high-resolution cameras can cover 0-3600 Pan, 0- 900 tilt and could be configured for 255 presets. Because of the auto IR these cameras automatically switches mode between day and night and can operate in complete darkness with zero illumination. These cameras are well protected from dust, humidity and rain can work in all weather conditions. This CCTV Surveillance system has been executed by IT department,NTPC Kaniha under the supervision of Shri CPK Das ,AGM(IT).

CGM, Shri Sudip Nag has congratulated IT Dept ,Head and Executives and expressed hope that if effectively used this system could improve the security surveillance of the plant while optimizing the security manpower deployment requirement in future for NTPC Kaniha. On the occasion Shri N S Rao ,GM(O&M), other GMs, HODs, senior officials and employees were also present.

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