The Importance of Immunity in Adults- Vaccinations for Adults


Vaccines helped in eradicating chronic diseases like polio and smallpox and the mortality or death rate has decreased to a great extent among children. But the immunization rate is still quite low in the case of adults.

According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), approximately 50,000 adult US citizens die annually from diseases that have vaccinations readily available in the medical facilities. What adults often fail to understand is that the effect of vaccinations on the body also has an expiry date. When one reaches adulthood, the protection provided by these vaccines taken in childhood starts wearing off. With changes in lifestyle, one may become less physically immune. Also there many ailments and outbreaks which affects the adults, even if they have good immunity. Thus, immunization is very important for adults as well as children.

One of the major backdrops in medical services is the cost of these vaccinations. Although the Affordable Care Act has made vaccines quite affordable for all ages, the adults still face challenges in looking after their health as the living costs have become quite high. As such, immunization of children against diseases seems more important than getting vaccinated them. The reason is that the diseases that children often acquire fall under the Part A and B category which comes at no cost. But when an adult is affected by a disease like Herpes which falls under Part D, the adult has to pay for the vaccine. However, the cost of vaccinations in Part D reduces when there is an outbreak but individuals still need to pay according to schemes they choose. Another problem is free to access to these vaccinations. According to CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services), patients are often affected by Part D ailments and have to go through a time-consuming situation to get the vaccinations at less cost. To avoid that, people who can afford such vaccines get it done by their doctors. But people who cannot afford vaccinations often go without treatment and that is one of the basic reasons behind the huge number of deaths in the US.

This immunization issue in adult US citizens has attracted the attention of the government. Adult Vaccine Access Coalition has taken an initiative in improving the current scenario by giving certain medical facilities to adults also. The minority population of adults will also be able to avail the same services like any other US citizen. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP] has launched “Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule: The United States, 2016” where various Medicare centers have been appointed the task of improving adult immunity. These vaccination schemes stated in the schedule are restricted to the section; between 18-65 years of age. They cover a large number of disease like a trap, influenza, vermicelli, human Papillomavirus, herpes, mumps, measles, rubella, pneumonia, hepatitis-A and B, and many other similar diseases that typically affect the adults. These steps will significantly reduce the number of deaths every year due to low immunity. It is another step to eradicate some more diseases from the face of our nation.