IIMC observes Independence Day in a special way

Dhenkanal: On the occasion of 73rd Independence Day, Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Dhenkanal has launched a special set of picture postcards containing the front page of various dailies of 15 August 1947. This is a collection 22 miniature versions of the front pages from different language and English newspapers from India and abroad including two Odia dailies.

Inaugurating the first set of picture postcards, author and media academician Subir Ghosh highlighted how different newspapers dealt with the news of India’s independence in 1947. “The difference in the treatment of the news had reflected in headlines and layout of the newspapers,” he said.

The brain behind the ‘collector’s item’, Dr Mrinal Chatterjee, regional director, IIMC, said, “This is the first series of picture postcards that we have brought out today to mark our Independence Day. In future, we plan to bring out similar postcards with newspaper front pages of important historical events of our country.”

The collection will be made available to the public soon and be part of the media museum of IIMC Dhenkanal.

Earlier Subir Ghosh hoisted the national flag and deliberated on the importance of 15 August in any Indian’s life. Dr Mrinal Chatterjee spoke on the topic ‘India’s future is bright’ to explain, with facts and figures, how positively young Indians should look at the issues related to our country.

The students and members of the faculty also expressed their feelings on Independence Day. The celebrations concluded with the ‘Clean your campus’ drive.

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