IIMC Dhenkanal Distributes Tree Seeds as Farewell Gift; “Planting the future”


Dhenkanal: As a parting gift to the students, IIMC Dhenkanal gave away packets of mango, blackberry, and bana chakunda seeds to the entire batch of 2021-2022. This has been a tradition at IIMC Dhenkanal for quite sometime now. The Regional Director of the institute, Prof. (Dr.) Mrinal Chatterjee appealed to the students to cultivate these seeds and get maximum benefit for themselves and the community at large. The students were overwhelmed by the gesture and expressed their gratitude towards the institute for its efforts in passing on knowledge and wisdom to them.

In his address, the Director warned about the scary state of the environment as a result of indiscriminate pollution, emphasizing the importance of working in harmony with nature in order to sustain life. The value of embracing nature and preserving forests was also conveyed to the students. “We delay climate action by failing to cut down on climate-warming emissions. As a result of climate change, we are now losing quality forest coverage across the world. The situation is dire, with almost half of the world’s forest cover now at risk of disappearing, posing a threat to biodiversity,” said Prof. Chatterjee.

Speaking on the intention behind the idea of gifting seeds, Dr. Chatterjee said, “Seeds are crucial because they aid in the growth of additional trees. More trees mean more fruits for wildlife to eat. In this way, more birds, animals, and greenery can be witnessed. Addressing the students, Prof. Chatterjee remarked, “As you move out to confront new challenges, I want you to carry a piece of Dhenkanal with you. Thus, the seeds. Plant them wherever you want, preferably near a road may be. Just make sure you provide it with the conducive environment it requires.”

In his concluding remarks, Prof. Chatterjee went on to say that we must stop harming the environment and noted the Institute’s rainwater harvesting system. He also mentioned the significant efforts by the students towards keeping the campus clean and well maintained. Later, he implored the students to work together to ensure a better future for the people and the students assured him that they would join in the effort.

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