IFFCO urges Odisha Govt to interfere in matter of slow down supply of fertilizer due to non-cooperation of transport contractor workers

Bhubaneswar: The farmers of Odisha are facing lot of problems for shortage of fertilizers during the harvesting period. Now nature has in favour of farmers for sharad crops and fertilizer is highly essential during the period. IFFCO is a largest producer of fertilizer and supply was going on smoothly, but since last 7 days supply is very slow.

“We came to know that truck owners were on strike for same days, even after strike was called off by the truck owners, why the supply of fertilizer is insufficient during this crucial period of farmers. Besides, we came to know from other sources that the IFFCO’s authorized transport contractor workers have done slow down transport of fertilizers, so that fertilizer is not reaching sufficient to the farmers of every corner of odisha and other states. We request the administration to interfere in this matter and instruction may be given to the IFFCO for supply of fertilizer sufficiently,” said IFFCO official.

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