ICT Policy to Bring New Investments


The current ICT Policy in Odisha came into effect in 2014-15. It has led to a reasonable expansion of the IT industry in the state, especially from a service point of view. However, the state government has stated that there is still more work to be done. The updated ICT policy, which comes into effect from April this year, seems set to help make this happen.

From an individual point of view, this may not seem like vital news. For most people, their relationship with IT mainly involves a simple online life. This includes sharing social information on Facebook or finding a casino bonus they can use to get better value from the online gaming experience. However, the IT Policy of the state has a much wider ranging impact than people may think.

Policy to undergo a complete revamp

The Odisha government intends to completely revamp its ICT Policy. The aim is to make the national and international IT industry see Odisha as a preferred place to make an investment. The state is placed in a good position to feature highly in the ITES, ESDM and BPO segments.

Generation of employment

One of the main reasons for this emphasis on abilities within the IT industry is the need to generate employment within the state. Attracting investment will help to make this happen.

Investment in the IT sector is vital because increased automation is reducing the workforce in sectors such as the metal and mineral industries. This has intensified the need for diversification into other industries.

Technical education to support the change

If Odisha is to become a leading destination for the IT industry in India, the technical knowledge and expertise needs to be in place. This is why technical institutions like NISER and KIIT are so important. More than 20,000 BTech students graduate from these institutions each year. The aim of the state is to equip these graduates with the technology that they need to secure careers in IT and help the industry to grow.

In order to help make this happen, the state government is introducing centres of excellence in areas such as VR/AR, data analytics, cybersecurity and Cloud computing. These centres are vital to IT and technology growth in Odisha. This is because new and developing technologies like VR are experiencing rapid growth in India.

Attracting investment in these areas will help to create more jobs in the IT sector. These jobs will not only centre on technical expertise; support roles will also be available in larger numbers.

The state government has already shown its dedication to promoting the growth of the IT industry in Odisha, as a means of boosting the generation of jobs and filling the gap that has been created by automation in traditional industries.

The revamped ICT Policy, which will take effect from April this year, is set to continue the state government’s work. It will bolster the work that had already been done and introduce further important developments in the IT sector in Odisha.