Hyundai Motor India Foundation Announces Roll-out of COVID-19 Relief Measures on a War Footing

New Delhi: Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF), the philanthropic arm of Hyundai Motor India, in continuation to its on-going COVID-19 relief programs, today announced a series of initiatives to offer infrastructural assistance to most affected states of Maharashtra, Delhi, Haryana, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.

Commenting on the relief measures, Mr. S S Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd., said, “The second wave of this COVID-19 Pandemic has triggered an unprecedented crisis for the nation. In times of despair we often lose hope amidst the chaos, but it is also times such as these that brings out the best of humanity with in us all. To offer meaningful assistance to the most affected cities and states, Hyundai has redeployed its resources and channelled efforts that will provide relief during these difficult circumstances. We are organizing resources on a war footing and hope to help in abating this crisis.”

Under its third phase of initiatives for COVID-19, HMIF will roll-out a multi-faceted relief package of Rs 20 Crore that is deeply focused on the crisis at hand. To impact meaningful respite across most impacted states and cities, Hyundai will deploy its resources by:

· Setting up Oxygen Generating plants in hospitals, to aid critical patients and help hospitals become self-sufficient in oxygen

· Install Medicare Facilities and provide support staff to various hospitals and cater to their operational cost for the next three months and further if needed

The relief measures have been specially developed with the focus of addressing the needs emerging out of the current crisis. Hyundai is aiming at helping people and infrastructure cope with the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India. To ensure timely assistance is delivered to highly affected cities and states the company is evaluating all options to expedite the deployment of these resources on a war footing. Additionally, Hyundai had organized a vaccination drive for its staff aged above 45 in the manufacturing facility through the office of the Sriperumbudur Government Primary Health Centre and will continue these efforts to help overcome the pandemic.


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