Hulladek Recycling launches #SabkoBataoEwasteGhatao Campaign

Bhubaneswar: E-waste Management Company Hulladek Recycling announced to launch a campaign called #SabkoBataoEwasteGhatao in the city. The campaign aims to create awareness about electronic waste, the informal sector of disposing e-waste and the importance of recycling. The campaign has been launched in cities like Bhubaneswar, Shillong, Guwahati, Jamshedpur, Dimapur, Kohima and Agartala along with Kolkata.

With this campaign, Hulladek Recycling aims to provide proper and organized e-waste management solutions across these cities. The company believes that positive changes can be brought by building awareness. It not only provides e-waste disposal systems but also builds awareness among the masses.

An UN-led report showed that the world generated 53.6 million tonnes of electronic and electrical waste in the past year. Out of which only 17.4% of e waste was recycled. The Global E waste Monitor 2020 found that India generated 3.2 billion tonnes of e-waste in the last year making it the third largest producer of e-waste. Waste management is a serious concern for developing countries such as India. Moreover, electronic waste is not only a major contributor to waste but also attracts the least attention. In spite of the fact that electronics consists of several hazardous components such as lead, cadmium, mercury, phosphor and many more, most people remain unaware of its impact on the environment and human health.

Nandan Mall, Chief Executive Officer, Hulladek Recycling said, “In the past, Hulladek has organized over 200+ awareness programs in schools, colleges and business houses. The main objective behind these programs is to spread the word about electronic waste, the informal sector of disposing e-waste and the importance of recycling. Owing to the present situation, we have been unable to organize these sessions in different institutes. However, this has not stopped us from creating awareness. We have launched a campaign called #SabkoBataoEwasteGhatao. We have been conducting online awareness programs and webinars for students, professionals and home-makers. The participants of these online programs and webinars include children from the age of 10 years to adults up to the age of 60+ from all walks of life such as students, MNC employees, housewives, small entrepreneurs, corporate houses and NGOs.

Hulladek Recycling was founded with the mission to combat the growing menace of e-waste generation and mismanagement in India. Embedded in the evergreen mantra of Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle, the company works towards effectively channelizing the electronic and electrical waste.