How to store and take care of your hijabs?

Hijab is one essential part of Islamic dressing. Not just it is a piece of cloth but it also represents modesty and the belief of Muslim women.

Any Muslim woman wearing a hijab looks absolutely gorgeous. However, a dirty and messy hijab can completely ruin your look. It is therefore important to take good care of your hijabs to ensure that they always compliment your looks.

Besides your decision to buy stylish hijabs online, you should also be aware of the basic steps for keeping your hijabs in their best form. A clean and well-cared hijab leaves a positive impact on your overall personality.

It is certainly not possible for most of us to dry clean our hijabs on a regular basis. But it is possible to take care of the hijab at your place and that too in an affordable price. So, would you be interested in knowing the basic information of how to store and take care of your hijabs? If yes, then this article would be of great interest.


Tips to take good care of your hijab:

It is not that difficult to keep your hijabs in the best form. It can easily be done with a little effort and with a sheer understanding of all the relevant details. Here are some of the easy tips with which you can easily take care of your hijabs:


  1. Learn how to wear a hijab:

The very first step in taking good care of the hijab is to learn its proper wearing style. When you are aware of the accuracy of wearing a hijab, you will avoid making any mistakes and complications that can ruin the quality of the hijab. In this way, you can easily protect your hijab from the possible struggles of maintaining its quality.

You can take help from any elder person to teach you the proper way of wearing a hijab. You also can try different ways of wearing the hijab which not only can suit your personality but also can prevent causing any harm to the hijab.


  1. Use the right kind of pins:

While most of us think that we can use any kind of pins while wearing the hijab; it is actually not right. You should use the right kinds of pins for keeping your hijab in place and also to reduce the chances of any damages.

Make sure to always use special hijab pins when wrapping a hijab. These special hijab pins are easily available in the market. You should also make sure to buy such pins from a reliable brand to be sure of their reliability.


  1. Clean the stains as soon as possible:

If you want to keep your hijab’s quality as new, then you should not delay treating any kind of stains. You should make sure to get rid of the stains as soon as possible to avoid leaving any permanent marks on the hijab.

Be very careful while wearing makeup or any beauty product as it should not damage the hijab. In any case of spills, you should immediately wash the affected area. Use all the right kind of equipment for removing the stains from the hijab.


  1. Use proper ways for washing hijab:

While you are paying attention to the details of wearing a hijab properly, you also should be very particular about following the right way of washing your hijab. Yes, washing a hijab requires proper steps for maintaining its quality.

Rather than washing them in a washing machine, you should try washing them with your hands. Also, you should always use a mild detergent to prevent any strong reactions on the hijab. You also should avoid bleaching your hijab as it can damage its quality by ruining them.


  1. Dry your hijabs properly:

Along with properly washing your hijab, you should be accurate while drying them. Letting your hijab dry naturally is one of the best ways rather than putting them in the dryer. However, you should hang your hijab in a shaded place to avoid any damages from direct sunlight.

Avoid drying your hijabs in a dryer as they can get damaged from extreme heat and friction. Also, some hijabs can shrink if dried in the machine dryer.


  1. The proper ironing of your hijabs:

You should also be extremely careful while ironing your hijab as harsh ironing can directly affect its shine and quality. Use your machines at low settings when in use. You can also make use of a steamer to easily get rid of wrinkles.

To protect the fabric and its shine, you should iron your hijab from the backside. However, it is best to choose such hijabs that require minimal or no ironing.


  1. White hijabs need special care:

White hijabs surely look impressive but they need special care. You should wash all your white hijabs separately for avoiding any mixing of colors.

Since the white hijab cannot fade, it is okay to dry them under direct sunlight. Drying your white hijab in direct sunlight will make it whiter and fresh for a longer time.


How to store all your clean hijabs?

As much as it is important to take care of your hijab, it is equally important to store them in the right manner. Follow these essential tips for an adequate storage of your hijab:

  • Keep all the washed hijabs at a clean and dry place
  • Do not fold your hijabs using the same crease lines as it can cause wrinkles
  • Avoid hanging your hijabs. You can store them in your drawers to keep them for a longer time
  • You should use clean bags for storing all your special hijabs to protect them from dust and dirt.


Final Thoughts:

Taking care of your hijab is not any rocket science. You just need to follow the right tips while washing and storing them and you are good to go.

We hope these tips would be of great help to all of you. These simple tips will surely maintain your hijabs for a longer period without any hassles.