How Digital technology important in contemporary world

The digital age is upon us, and technology is improving people’s lives in ways we never thought possible. All around the world, digital technology is helping to make our jobs and daily activities simpler and more efficient, but there are few places where that impact is felt more than in India. Over the past few years, India has seen rapid growth in its economy and is now the fastest-growing economy in the world with one of the world’s biggest populations. Digital technology has been part of the reason behind this growth, as more Indians now have access to technology and the internet than ever before.

In India, digital technology is helping to grow the economy by improving processes, creating new industry sectors, and making entertainment more accessible. Today, Indians have access to a growing number of digital services that improve their lives and help them to connect with the world. You can discover more here.

Digital India

In 2015, the Indian government launched the Digital India initiative that was aimed at improving the population’s access to digital technology and online government services. Specifically, the scheme aimed to improve the country’s digital infrastructure and access to high-speed internet while empowering the country technologically.

Digital India has been a big success since it launched and has helped improve internet access in rural areas as well as improving digital literacy among the population. It has also helped other initiatives in the country, such as Start Up India that are aimed at helping new businesses develop and grow. As of 2020, there were 700 million internet users in the country, an increase of 400 million since the Digital India program first started in 2015.

The big success of the program has led to improved outlooks for India and its economy and has created a generation of young, internet-savvy Indians who are highly technologically literate. The program has received international praise and has also led to a lot of outside investment in emerging Indian start ups, hopefully seeing the country continuing its growth in the future.

Mobile India

The majority of Indian internet users access the web on their smartphones, with these handheld devices now ubiquitous across the country. India has the third-largest smartphone userbase of any country, with around 760 million users predicted in 2021. Most of these smartphones are used to access the internet, where the user is then able to connect with friends, watch media, play games, or transfer money. Smartphones have become a part of daily life in India, and high-speed mobile internet is the reason why. India has some of the best cost to speed ratios of internet providers in the world, allowing its citizens to get online easily and without limitations.

What Does Digital India Mean for Indian Business?

The rapid growth in internet access in India has been great news for both domestic and international businesses. Companies within India have now been able to digitise their services, accepting online payments from a larger pool of consumers and gaining increased revenue as a result. On top of this, international businesses are starting to view India as a great place to do business.

Many big firms, including Microsoft, Google, Sony, Nestle, Amazon and more, have set up offices within the country, leading to greater investment in the Indian economy. With India looking like a country worth investing in, more businesses are beginning to take notice and get involved in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Modern India looks very different from how it looked only a few years ago, with Digital India having a big impact on digital technology and its use in the country. In the next few years, we could see even more changes as India continues to grow and thrive on the world stage.

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