How Indian based companies can screen for top talent in Australia

Many Indian businesses are looking into hiring personnel from abroad, whether it is to establish a new overseas branch or to bring in highly-qualified workers. Australia is one of the prime targets Indian employers are eyeing due to its relative proximity and the fact that people there are highly-skilled and can be a real asset. The problem is how do you find employees in Australia for your business and how do you make sure they fit your requirements?

Working with local recruiting agencies

The easiest way to find qualified employees in Australia is to contact a local Australian recruiting agency that can advertise the job positions and do the initial screening for you. This is most helpful if you’re thinking of establishing your company on the Australian market.

Secondly, you can advertise the job yourself, we live in a global economy and there’s nothing stopping you from scouting for new talents in Australia by posting on job boards. A quick Google search will reveal local or international job boards people looking for a career change are consulting constantly.

If you’re interested in just a few experts for a job that can be done online, you can also use one of the many platforms for freelancers advertising their talents.

Steps for hiring an overseas employee 

If you’re working with an Australian recruiting agency you can decide to let them be in charge of the whole hiring process or you can have the final say.

An Indian company scouting for Australian talent can easily bypass the recruiting agency and conduct the hiring process remotely. Everything can be done online, including job interviews and the necessary background checks.

Once you have received a fair number of job applications, you can read through them and select the most promising candidates for the next stage, like you do when hiring locally.

Instead of a face-to-face job interview you can set up a virtual one on Zoom, Google Meet or any platform you normally use.

You will obviously want to check their education credentials and employment references, something you can easily do by phone or email.

Performing background checks on Australian employees

The fact that the candidate is hundreds of miles away should not stop you from performing a thorough background check. It doesn’t matter that you’re in India as you can use an online Australian agency that deals with things like national police checks or character checks. One option for this is Australian National Character Check which specialises in online pre-employment background screening. The website link for this is You don’t have to rely on the job candidate providing a national police check, you can contact the agency yourself.

Such bodies are accredited with the Australian federal government and can provide a comprehensive search of the local police database, sending you the results via email in a matter of days. Keep in mind that under Australian law, your prospective employee must be informed and give their consent before you can proceed with the background check.

Conducting a background check is an essential step when the new employee will be in charge of your Australian operation or when you hire them to work directly for you, as they will interact with the rest of the personnel and they will have access to your network, your business plan and your development strategy.

Make sure to have your new employee sign non-compete and intellectual property agreements to protect your company and the products you’re working on.