Hiring A Private Detective To Find Someone- 5 Possible Ways A Private Detective Locates that Special Someone

If you have lost contact with a family member, long-lost love or a close friend is often sorrowful and emotionally upsetting. There could be unforeseen circumstances behind the losing sight of a relative, former love or a close friend. Knowing the latest information (besides just a name) and last known contact information will assist the private detective in being successful when attempting to find someone in the shortest period.

You should immediately contact local law enforcement when a disappearance is highly suspect of foul play. Dependent upon your state, law officials usually will not accept a missing person report for 24 to 48 hours, and sometimes they may wait 72 hours after the time the person was last seen or heard from. If you suspect foul play, then you have every right to hire a private detective to find that person regardless of the situation. A Private Detective may enhance your chances of finding the missing person.

The reason law enforcement prefer to wait for 24- 72 hours before taking a missing person report is to allow time for the individual to return home. Police often take into account that perhaps an argument caused a spouse to leave home for a while to cool off.  Many times the police come to the conclusion that a person does not want to found. Drug-users are notorious for leaving their homes and disappearing. In most cases, should you decide to retain a private detective, they are usually prepared to commence a locate investigation almost immediately. The worst thing someone should not do is to allow times to pass without taking action.

Hiring a private detective to find someone who does not want to be found, presents serious challenges. Investigations where only a name is known and nothing else such as a date of birth or a social security number make the assignment extremely difficult if not impossible. Another challenging investigation involves locating biological parents of adoptive children. Many private investigators specialize in this area.

Dealing with missing persons that have had their name changed legally also represents some challenges. Different strategies have to be taken into consideration when dealing with that kind of case. Below are five ways a performed by a private detective to find someone.

  1. Entering the person’s name in proprietary databases that only allow law enforcement and licensed private investigators access. However, if the individual’s name is common like John Adams, it may require hundreds if not thousands of names to be reviewed for clues indicating which one of them is the right, John Adams.
  2. Going door to door or school to school or speaking with neighbors, students and co-workers at the person’s last known job are often required to gather intelligence on to where the missing person might be. This approach could take hours, days or even weeks.
  3. Interviewing acquaintances of the subject is always helpful. The strategy is to acquire any possible lead as to where the subject of the investigation might be.
  4. Reviewing all social media content is very helpful to obtain current leads. Cell phone records if available are very useful. If no cell records are available, a lawyer can subpoena the cell phone provider for the cell phone records.
  5. If hours and days have passed, reaching out to the news media is incredibly helpful, especially when offering a reward.

If you want to locate a lost love, close friend, family member, biological parent, child or any person you need to get in touch with please keep us in mind. WE have an excellent record of success locating people. We will walk you through the whole process as to how we will attempt to locate the person of interest to you. We will explain everything we will do to succeed with your investigation. Let us help you get the result you seek!