Hindustan Zinc wins ‘5th CII National HR Circle Competition 2021’ Award for Best HR Practices in Inclusion and Social Impact

Bhubaneswar: Hindustan Zinc (HZL) the leading producer of Zinc, Lead, and Silver in India, has won ‘5th CII National HR Circle Competition 2021’ under the category of ‘Best HR Practices in Inclusion and Social Impact’. As a people-first organization, the company firmly believes that people are their biggest assets and are committed to making a diverse, inclusive, and digitally advanced workplace.

The CII jury panel examined the participant organizations on several criteria, inclusive of – policy and practices to promote diversity and inclusiveness to achieve competitive business advantage; HR practices concerning the social impact in the current scenario; employee involvement in socially impactful initiatives and leveraging diversity and inclusiveness to build employee brand.

Commenting on the achievement, Mr. Arun Misra, CEO, Hindustan Zinc said, “As part of our core philosophy, we at Hindustan Zinc believe that inclusivity strengthens our commitment towards empowering and engaging work culture, instilled with a value system on collective growth. Our people development initiatives reinforce a culture where everyone feels valued and respected by providing equal opportunities to one and all. This is a proud moment that our company has won the ‘5th CII National HR Circle Competition 2021’ under the category of ‘Best HR Practices in Inclusion and Social Impact’ that motivates us to continue our efforts to enable stronger and more inclusive growth.”

Hindustan Zinc is a firm believer in the people-first aspect. The company has always been curating various initiatives to serve its employees and workers. The women employees at Hindustan Zinc have always been breaking barriers and stereotypical norms. Company’s two women employees went from breaking grounds to breaking barriers during the year. Sandhya Rasakatla became India’s first woman mine manager and Yogeshwari Rane became India’s first woman to win a first-class certificate in both restricted and unrestricted categories. The company also has 15% female diversity in the executive workforce and further has formed various Women Councils intending to engage, collaborate, unleash potential and develop future leaders among these female powerhouses.

Hindustan Zinc, as a responsible corporate has always been committed to the cause of promoting diversity and inclusion within the organization and also among their business associations. The aim is to achieve equality across all levels, beginning from their Board. The company’s vision is to eventually create an everlasting workplace culture where teams of mixed gender, ethnicity, regional affiliations, physical ability, age, color, marital status, nationality, race, religion and sexual orientation are representative of a variety of perspectives and experiences. One of their Sustainability Goal 2025 is to achieve 30% Diversity in an inclusive workplace. The company has always been coming up with various initiatives to serve this vision and this, has led the company win the Best HR Practices in Inclusion and Social Impact award.


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