Hindustan Zinc certified as Water Positive Company

New Delhi: The Metal and Mining giant based off Rajasthan is 2.41 times water positive with respect to the water they consume, which makes them one of the few Water Positive Company.

Water conservation is a collective responsibility and is a non-negotiable aspect for sustainable development. Conserving water should not just be taken as ‘need of the hour’ but as an ingrained approach towards the environment. Albeit in abundance, an average of only 4% water is considered suitable for humans. Thus, water will always remain a crucial natural resource to be conserved.

As one of the leaders in the Mining industry, Hindustan Zinc- a Vedanta Group company was declared Water Positive Company based on assurance carried out by a third-party organisation. With this ratio of 2.41, Hindustan Zinc is certified among the top water conserving companies.

“We have a long-term approach to water management that aims to improve our performance, recognize the significance of water and contribute to sustainable water management. This certification is a testimony to the efforts that our team has put over the years. We will continue our journey by continuously improving this score”, said the company’s CEO – Mr. Sunil Duggal.

Operating in a water scare state like Rajasthan, the significance of water is all the more important. And being the economic engine for Rajasthan, Hindustan Zinc puts a lot of emphasis on conserving water, with strategies focussing on reduction of water at source, recycling of water, exploring alternative sources of water and replenishing water through various structures. Hindustan Zinc has put persistent efforts into water sustainability. The company has State-of-the-Art Effluent Treatment Plants & Recycling Facilities, Sewage Treatment Plant, increased water efficiency and rain water harvesting structures; advancements in which have significantly contributed to this water stewardship drive.

Already being ranked 1st in Sustainability in Asia-Pacific by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, a Water Positive Company certification reinforces Hindustan Zinc’s position in sustainability and water stewardship across Metal and Mining companies.

The company has prepared a roadmap to further reduce the water footprint whilst implementing strategies and structures to become four times water positive company in the coming years.

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