Himachal Pradesh Government approves MIS for procurement of apple

New Delhi : A Spokesperson of the Horticulture Department informed here today that the State government has given approval for implementation of Market Intervention Scheme for procurement of “C” apple in the State during the year 2022.

He said that Market Intervention Scheme will be implemented for procurement of 144936 M.T. apple for which procurement price will be Rs. 10.50 per kg. during the year 2022.

He said that handing charges will be Rs. 2.75 per kg. and assumed sale realization will be considered as Rs. 3.50 per kg. Under the scheme 305 procurement centers will be opened as per demand of the fruit growers out of which, 169 collection centers will be opened and operated by the HPMC and 136 by the HIMFED by their own staff/level for which funds amounting to Rs. 259.84 lakh have been proposed by the Horticulture Department.

He said that under the scheme fruits would be procured in 35 kg gunny bags with 2.5 percent more fruits in view of evapo-transpiration and respiration losses. Only apple having diameter above 51 mm will be procured under the scheme. He said that fruit having punctured skin or bird eaten/damaged would not be accepted. He said that fruit infested with insects/pests and fungal diseases including scab, ethral sprayed fruit and immature/over mature or ripe fruit would also not be accepted. Similarly, severely bruised fruit would also not be accepted. However, fruits having slight hail damage, slight bruising, russeting and misshapen fruit will be accepted.

The MIS will be implemented in the State from 20th July, 2022 to 31st October, 2022, he added.

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