Highest number of vulnerable people are covered under Pension Scheme in Odisha: Minister Mr. Prafulla Samal

Bhubaneswar: ‘World Elder Abuse Awareness Day’ was observed in the state capital by Dept. of Social Security and Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (SSEPD) in collaboration with Help Age India and Senior Citizen Associations of the state.
Speaking on the occasion Mr. Prafulla Samal, Minister –WCD & Mission Shakti, SSEPD & MSME stated that Odisha is among the states reaching out to highest number of vulnerable people through its Pension Scheme. Old age pension is being paid by the Government to needy senior citizens for their sustenance. Speaking on the relevance of the day, he focused on family value system to curb elder abuse. He further said he would be happy to do something tangible for the welfare of elderly people.
Mr. Niten Chadra, Principal Secretary, SSEPD Department discussed about the various programmes being undertaken by the Dept. for senior citizens. The Commissioner of Police Sri Y.B.Khurania spoke about commitment of police in the twin city for the safety and security of the Senior Citizens.
Help Age India released its 19 city – National Study Report on ‘How India treats its Elderly’ to understand in-depth how elders are treated in the public space across the nation. Ms. Bharati Chakra, State Head –Help Age India discussed the study findings in detail. Help Age’s campaign to ‘Stop Ageism’ is therefore aimed at sensitizing people and making them aware of their own treatment towards elders. As per the study, 53% elders feel discriminated against, 61% elders feel, people get impatient with them, since they are slow, where as 52% elders feel, people are ruder to them if they are not well dressed.
About 300 Senior Citizens from various senior citizen associations attended the programme. President of FOSCAO (Federation of Senior Citizens’ Association of Odisha) Mr. Krupasindhu Sahu and General Secretary FOSCAO – Sri Jugal Kishore Sahu discussed various issues related to Elder Abuse in the State and the City.
The programme ended with a note that all sections of the community including children, youth and elderly need to come forward to pay attention to the issues of senior citizens and help them lead a secure and dignified life. Mr. Ranjay Das – Programme Manager from Help Age India proposed vote of thanks.