Hectic preparation on for the first ever International level Nuakhai celebration by Global western Odisha (GLOWO)

Bhubaneswar: The e-bhetghat programme will take place on Sunday 20th Septemer 2020 from 4 pm afternoon to 8 pm night. People from twenty countries and from different cities of india are expected to participate in the Global cultural Jambuori. The unique event will witness the presence of Economists, Scientists, Bureaucrats, Politicians, Administrators belonging to western part of odisha having national and international fame. The function will be followed by colourful cultural programme presented by eminent artists. GLOWO is scheduled to felicitate and honour the youth achievers having earned excellence in different fields of profession. In earlier occasions GLOWO has had the privilege of organizing webinars to highlight the issues concerning Art, Culture, Crafts, Literature, Traditional Ethoes, History, Cinema, Sports, Cuisine and lifestyle of western odisha.

GLOWO has been formed with the representation of the citizens of western Odisha settled in 17 countries of the world and 16 cities of India. The institution and its members have rendered exemplanary services to facilitate the safe and secure travel of standard people in different parts of the world to their home destinations during the lockdown period. The online celebration will be live streamed in the facebook page and youtube channel of GLOWO and can be viewed across the globe, as mentioned by GLOWO’S President Ashutosh Das, Vice- Presidents Mohit Mishra and Sanjeeb Nanda, General secretary Satyendranath Panda, Jt. General Secretaries Ajit Pati and seemita sarangi, Treasurer Ramakanta sahu, international advisors Santosh Mishra from Moscow, Mamta Pradhan from U.K., Pritish Dash from Dubai and convenor Gajendra Sahu. Senior members of the preparatory committee Sidharth Babu from Chennai and Rajani Bharadwaj from Lukhnow appealed all-out support and co-operation for the success of the festival.