HCCB Celebrates International Women’s Day In The True Spirit Of Empowerment


Khordha: Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB) Pvt. Ltd. today celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD) unlike any other. The Company did not offer flowers and gifts, or gave cards. Instead, 100 HCCB associates across India joined hands to spend quality time with 300 women from the local community, to understand the journey of their life, and create an impactful resume for them. The HCCB team also made these profiles digitally available for easy accessibility by potential employers.

HCCB associates carried out the engagement at its offices in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi and its factories at Nemam, Goblej, Ameenpur, Pirangut, Khurda and Dasna. In keeping with the requirements of modern day job searches, HCCB associates curated the resumes to highlight the most searched skills and also keywords that Artificial Intelligence systems prefer. All this in a span of one-and-half hours! The profiles were also converted into additional local language of choice, of the ladies. To add to this, these resumes were made available on social platforms, meant for job searches and requisitions.

Speaking on the occasion, Joydeep Roy, Factory Manager, HCCB Khordha, said, “We see our role as a catalyst and an enabler and that’s exactly what we planned to do for the women in the local community. If we can help build their profile in a way that it becomes discoverable, each of them has something unique that can be of leverage. What was a pleasant surprise for us was the many impactful stories that we heard during the day, during the resume making process. I am thankful to my entire team who took their time out, and accomplished this very fulfilling exercise.”

Aligned with the global International Women’s Day theme of #BalanceForBetter, HCCB’s unique initiative titled #InspiredByYOU had a series of activations through the day. The first half of the day was spent recognizing the efforts of HCCB associates, men and women, and their partners who contributed to their success in life. Panel discussions with company’s senior leadership team, quizzes around gender stereotypes, coaching workshops, etc were also held to set the tone for the day, which culminated with the bio-data creating session and fun activation.