Gurugram based startup ZunSolar is helping farmers to use solar energy with its network of more than 1000 dealers across India

Gurugram: India being an agriculture driven country, farmers of India have been one of the most important drivers of prosperity and growth for the country. In 2020, India had more than 16.6 million farmers working tirelessly to feed the nation. These farmers face hundreds of difficulties on daily basis like water shortage, irregular rainfall, lack of knowledge of modern farming and local trade challenges.
As the country grows and farmers move ahead to solve all these problems all across the nation, technology is becoming their primary tool to know more and do more to live better lives. With internet, modern Indian farmer is not illiterate and oblivious to latest schemes and technologies to grow better produce from his farms.
As the farmer are getting connected to the modern world, one of the biggest challenge farmers from remote rural India face is the electricity issues and everyday costs to use the modern machines to farm their lands. While farmers are upgrading to farming better crops, it comes at the cost of having higher expenses of having better seeds, electric appliances for irrigation, storage units and electric fences to protect the produce. Many farmers are also expanding their work from just farming to poultry, fishery and managing cattle stock. But these new tasks require them the access to more electricity and better appliances.
Average cost of running these electric devices create large burden on already stretched pockets of the farmers and that’s where solar energy can be beneficial to the farmers. Off-grid solar systems provided by companies like ZunSolar can literally make the electricity bills vanish. With the right solar systems, farmers can cut down their monthly expenses on electricity and use the power even of there is no electricity available at their farms.
ZunSolar provides solar products to everyone across the country to save electricity and upgrade their battery systems with best quality solar panels, batteries and inverters so that everyone can use power of Sun to live a better life. Along with helping farmers in India, ZunSolar is creating a robust network of solar enthusiasts to use solar systems for their homes to save electricity and avoid problems of power cuts and load shading. ZunSolar has created a dealership network of more than 1000 partners all across the India to provide solar solutions to everyone to use solar energy.
ZunSolar’s affordable solar combo ranges are available as ZunGrif 2001, ZunGrid 3001, Zungrid 4001, ZunGrid 5001. These combos can support small pumps to large irrigation networks. They include a wide range of products such as solar panels, solar batteries, solar inverters, solar management units, solar charge controllers, MC4 connectors, DCwires – in different combinations.

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