Group CEO Of Indiana Group, Prashant Hingorani felicitated in the presence of Sharad Pawar for the Supply of Essentials During the Pandemic

Mumbai: A felicitation event took place at the Jejuri Mandir on the 13th of February, 2021 where in the presence of Mr. Sharad Pawar recognition was given to the efforts of a local company that has been providing essentials to individuals during the entire duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the purpose of introduction, Indiana Group was incorporated in the year 1970. Over the years with sustained and continual efforts, the group has established itself as one of the leading and preferred suppliers to the infrastructure segment, particularly, power plants, petro-chemicals, refineries, process plants, steel and other core sectors.

Today the group is recognized for its high quality fabricated steel structures namely, electro forged gratings, cable trays and support systems, safety hand rails, primary and secondary heavy, medium and light fabricated structures including bridges for railways, metros and highways.

Indiana is a customer-centric group and has rich experience of serving end clients, leading EPCs, consultants and contractors worldwide. It has its head office in Mumbai and all of its fabrication plants are in Jejuri (near Pune), where the event was held.

In fact, the group’s first plant was inaugurated by Mr. Sharad Pawar on September 29, 1990. All subsequent plants have also been built in Jejuri. The group acknowledges the support of Jejuri Devsthan, Madam Supriya Suleji, Shri Ajit dada Pawarji, Shri Vijay Shivtareji, the ex MLA, Shri Sanjay Jagtapji, the current MLA and Dilipdada Barbhai in creating a healthy business environment in Jejuri. In turn, the authorities have always recognised Indiana as a loyal and enthusiastic champion of the community, in addition to bringing world-class facilities and technology to the area.

Indiana Group has always invested in the welfare of the local community by supporting them in various manners, including but not limited to:

1) Providing employment opportunities to local labour and staff from Jejuri and various neighbouring areas

2) Providing financial support to schools to improve facilities and infrastructure

3) Carrying out various CSR activities in areas that mostly focus on welfare of the girl child and women in the domain of health and education

4) Engaging the services of STAPI, an organisation that helps the local community in healthcare, developing skill sets and women empowerment

5) Encouraging local youth to turn and hone entrepreneurial skills by helping them start their own fabrication shops as sub-vendors to Indiana

This is due to the support of the late Mr. G.A. Hingorani, the founding Chairman of Indiana, who passed away last year and wanted to ensure that the group pays back to the community that helped it grow and flourish. He believed that Indiana was one big family and that everybody who helped the family grow must also benefit holistically as a community.

The Indiana Group continues to keep his vision in mind and adopted the call of the “my family, my responsibility” campaign of Mr. Uddhav Thackeray, the honourable Chief Minister. In line with these ideals, despite the hardship the group faced during the lockdown, its charitable trust helped the community by providing food, essential items, personal protective equipment, sanitizers, medicines and other necessities.

Taking a cue from the honourable Prime Minister’s message to corporates, the group did not lay off a single employee or worker and continued to pay salaries and wages to contract workers as well, even when the plants were unable to operate during lockdown.

The group will strive to continue helping the local community under the guidance of Shri Padma Hingorani, Chairperson and the leadership of Mr. D. M. Bhatia and Mr. Ashok Malik, both Managing Directors of group companies who have been with the group since 1973 and 1988 respectively.

Today, Mr. Prashant Hingorani, Group CEO was felicitated in the presence of Mr. Sharad Pawar for the help that the group extended to the local community during the pandemic. It is also an occasion to express gratitude to people of Jejuri and Mr. Sharad Pawar for their support that helped Indiana through the last three decades.

When asked for a quote, Prashant Hingorani simply mentioned, “We take inspiration from the words of Mahatma Gandhi, the founder of our Nation who said ‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.’”

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