Grasim Industries Ltd at Ganjam takes adequate measures to Combat Covid-19

Bhubaneswar: As a part of its constant endeavor to serve the community at this crisis situation while fighting the Covid-19, the Aditya Birla Group Company Grasim Industries Ltd (GIL) at Ganjam in Odisha, have taken adequate measures to combat Covid-19 including distribution of around 70000 masks amongst the people in the periphery besides providing all essential commodities to them.

Untied with pandemonium situation, the emergency team formed at GIL, acted promptly to ensure health, hygiene and safety of the Plant and people around peripheral communities including staff, workmen and their families by connecting with clear massages, restricting large gatherings, comply with Govt. procedures for plant operation, supply of essential commodities such as Sodium HYPO for disinfection on the Ganjam vicinity (15 Metric Ton provided freely for disinfection in the Ganjam vicinity) and provide free nose masks 5000 numbers & Hand sanitizer etc to the Medical staff, Police staff, Anganwadi workers and Govt. machineries who work relentlessly .

“This is a classic example set by GIL. As a responsible corporate, it always stood with the people at all crisis situations .

The company had arranged the regular health checkup of all including family members by using Infrared thermal gun for body temperature, restricted the entry and exist of all who are residing in the colony, restrict the use of two wheeler/motorcycle, arranged groceries, vegetables and Milk inside the campus, developed a quarantine/isolation center, minimized the workforce, provided free cooked foods during the transportation of our essential commodities on a regular basis to protect themselves from meeting others.

Under the aegis of Grasim Ganjam, 30 Women SHG members of Radhakanta Creation-SHG, Ganjam have taken the task of stitching of nose masks for free distribution facing a surge in demand among the service providers such as Police Personnel, Health practitioner, drivers and common people during this lockdown and emergency periods for protecting and preventive of COVID-19 in the Ganjam. So far the company have distributed around 70000 masks in the periphery. GIL has also extended the support to district administration for developing Quarantine center at Ganjam