Govt to fix domestic air fares for 3 months: Hareep Puri

New Delhi: Govt to fix domestic air fares for 3 months. This is informed by the Union Minister Hareep Puri. “Airlines should adhere to the lower and upper limits of fares prescribed by the Ministry during the period of  COVID19pandemic,” it said. The airlines will not provide meal services on board as per the guidelines.

Once we exit from this three-month period, we can either return to status quo ante or we can have a market-based system, which is equitable says Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri. Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said fare structure has been decided such that both airlines and flyers benefit from the ticket pricing.

Flight routes have been classified into 7 – 1) Flight time less than 40 minutes, 2) 40 – 60 minutes, 3) 60 – 90 minutes, 4) 90 – 120 minutes, 5) 120 – 150 minutes, 6) 150 – 180 mins, 7) 180 – 210 mins. All routes within the country fall within these 7 says HS Puri, Civil Aviation Minister Hareep Puri. All routes within country fall within these 7 says Union Minister Hareep Puri.  Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said steps have been taken to keep air fares under control as flights are set to resume first time after Corona virus Lockdown. Centre allows 33.3% of original passenger flight capacity between metros.

Lowest and highest possible fares have been fixed for each class of flights. Further, a rider has been set that 40% of the seats have to be sold at a price less than the mid-point of the price band for each section says Pradeep Singh Kharola, Aviation Ministry Secretary explains how the fare structure has been done.

The lowest fare for Delhi Mumbai route, the densest route in the country, has been fixed at Rs. 3,500 and highest fare at Rs. 10,000. The caps, along with rider of 40% tickets in lower bracket of band, enable us to ensure reasonable fares for both passengers & airlines.

Social distancing requirement not met even if middle seats in flights are kept vacant, so we will fill up middle seats says Hardeep Singh Puri, Civil aviation minister. No physical check-in at the airports, only web check-in allowed. A self-declaration or Aarogya setu App status on a compatible device would be obtained to ensure that a passenger is free of COVID19 symptoms says Union Minister Hareep Puri.

Only 1 check-in bag will be allowed. Passengers should report at least 2 hour before the departure time. On arrival at destination, passengers have to adhere all health protocols. Fares will be regulated & will be in a fixed range says Union Minister Hareep Puri.