Government to substantially increase the daily supply of onions from its buffer stock held with NAFED

New Delhi: The Department of Consumers Affairs today reviewed the prices of Essential Commodities such as Onions, Pulses and Oilseeds with all the stakeholders under the chairmanship of Secretary Consumer Affairs, Shri Avinash K Srivastava. The committeedecided to substantially increase the daily supply of onions from government buffer to Delhi and directed NAFED to release the stock from PSF buffer so as to ensure improved availability at reasonable rates. The committee took note of the fact thatimport of onion is free (under Open General License) and currently there is sufficient stock of onions available in the government buffer. Supply of onions can be further enhanced if the need so arises.

Police representatives from Delhi and various States around Delhi were also present at the meeting and they were asked to hold regular meetings to ensure seamless check on hoarding in Delhi-NCR specifically and in their respective States generally. Police officials from all States neighboring Delhi were also asked to share the data available with them on hoarders and profiteers for more effective inter-State enforcement.The Committee directed the police officials from the neighboring States to check the entry points around Delhi-NCR thoroughly so as to ensure that supplies ae not held up at the border to create artificial shortage.


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