Government has made various provision to provide concession in education, health and other facilities to the children of martyred soldiers

New Delhi : The Government has made various provision to provide concession in education, health and other facilities to the children of martyred soldiers.

  • Children Education GrantFollowing educational concession is being given to officers/Personnel Below Officer Rank missing/disabled/killed in action:
  • Tuition Fees: Full reimbursement of tuition fee (Capitation fee and caution money not included) levied by the educational institutions concerned (including charges levied for the school bus maintained by the school or actual fares paid for railway pass for students or bus fare certified by the Head of Institutes).
  • Hostel Charges: Full reimbursement of Hostel charges for those studying in boarding schools and colleges.
  • Cost of books/stationary: Rs. 2000/- (Rupees two thousand only) per annum or the amount claimed by the student, whichever is less.
  • Cost of Uniform where this is compulsory: Rs. 2000/- (Rupees two thousand only) or the amount claimed by the student, whichever is less.
  • Clothing: Rs. 700/- (Rupees seven hundred only) per annum per student or the amount claimed by the student, whichever is less.
  • Free Health Scheme: ECHS (Ex- Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme) provides cashless health care to war-widows/war disabled defence personnel and their NoKs. War Widows are not required to pay the membership fee.
  • Other facilities:

There are other resettlement schemes also run by the Directorate General of Resettlement (DGR) like allotment of petrol pumps etc. to ensure proper resettlement of war widows/ dependents.

The financial assistance is provided to family/ dependents of martyred soldiers. Details are as follows:


S No Entitlements Entitled Amount
Officers Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) Other Ranks (OR)
1. Ex-Gratia central Government 25 to 45 lacs 25 to 45 lacs 25 to 45 lacs
2. AGI Maturity As per contribution
3. Pension Liberalized/ Special Family Pension 100%/ 60% of last RE (Basic Pay + MSP)
4. DCRG Based on length of service (Max 20 lac)
5. FSA (Including leave encashment& DSOP/ AFPP Fund) As applicable
6. Ex-Gratia (ACWF) 800000 800000 800000
7. Ex-Gratia (Domicile State Government) As applicable

S No Category Amount Remarks
(a) Financial Grants
  Ex-Gratia out of Army Central Welfare Fund (K) is provided to NoK of BC (Fatal) Rs 8,00,000 1st Tranche – 100000 (on occurrence of casualty)

2nd Tranche – 700000 (On receipt of final documents)

(b) Welfare Schemes
  (i) Daughter’s marriage/ orphan son’s marriage remarriage of widow Rs 1,00,000
  (ii) Education Scholarship to Children

(aa) Up to graduation

Education scholarship covering the entire expenditure up to graduation through CW-3
  (ab) Post Graduation Rs 25,000 per year (max)
  (ac) Professional Courses Rs 50,000 per year (max)
  (iii) One Time Computer Grant for wards & widows (pursuing graduation & above) Rs 35,000
  (iv) Higher Education of Widow    
               (aa) Graduation Rs 20,000 per year (max)
               (ab) Post Graduation Rs 25,000 per year (max)
               (ac) Professional


Rs 50,000 per year (max)


Pensionary benefits (LFP/SFP/OFP, Ex-Gratia, DCRG/Gratuity) as per entitlement are paid to NOKs of the Naval Personnel. Financial assistance in terms of benefits like ex-gratia is provided under various categories to widows & dependents of deceased soldiers as per pension regulation promulgated by the Government.  Family pension and gratuity to families and dependents is based on the last pay drawn and last rank held by the deceased soldiers at the time of his death whilst Ex-gratia amount is given to the NoK of a soldier killed in action or in course of duty irrespective of rank and qualifying service, based on circumstances of death. Ex-Gratia compensation are given in the range of Rs.25-45 lakhs.


An institutional mechanism by way of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for timely dispensing of pension and other Non-Effective(NE) benefit to NoK/dependents has been put in place in IAF. However, the following Pensionary benefits are being provided to the Next of Kin (NoK) of the Air Warriors killed in action as per the Govt  Policy. :-

  • Liberalized Family Pension (LFP): Liberalized Family Pension (LPF) is being granted to Next of Kin of the Air Warriors killed in Action.  It is granted in case of death of an Armed Forces Personnel due to acts of Violence/attack by terrorist, anti-social elements, enemy action in international war, action during deployment with a peace keeping mission abroad, border skirmishes etc.  It is granted @ 100% of reckonable emolument + admissible Dearness Relief applicable from time to time.  It continues even after re-marriage of the widow.
  • Death cum Retirement Gratuity (DCRG): It is payable to the widow/ NOK/ nominated family member of the deceased officer/Airmen/NCs(E) who die in harness as per the length of qualifying service.
  • Ex-Gratia Payment: Ex-gratia Lump Sum Compensation given as per the following details:-
S No Circumstances Rates (in Rs)
(aa) Death occurring due to accident in course of performance of duties 25 Lakhs
(ab) Death in the course of performance of duties attributed to acts of violence by terrorists, anti-social elements etc. 25 Lakhs
(ac) Death occurring in border skirmishes and action against militants, terrorist, extremists, sea pirates. 35 Lakhs
(ad) Death occurring while on duty in the specified high altitude, inaccessible border posts, on account of natural disasters, extreme weather conditions. 35 Lakhs
(ae) Death occurring enemy action in war or such war like engagements, which are specifically notified by Ministry of Defence and death occurring during evacuation of Indian National from a war-torn zone in foreign country. 45 Lakhs


  • Financial assistance/ benefits given from Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (AFFDF) under Raksha Mantri Ex-Servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF): –
S No Grants Amount(in Rs)
(a) Penury Grant (65 Yrs and above)

(Non-Pensioners uptoHav Rank)

Rs 4,000/-pm         (Life time)
(b) Education Grant (upto two children)

  1. Boys/Girls upto Graduation
  2. Widows for PG

(Pensioner/Non Pensioner uptoHav Rank) and upto two children


Rs 1,000/-pm

(c) Disabled Children Grant

(Pensioner/Non-pen uptoJCO Rank)

Rs 3,000/-pm


d) Daughter’s Marriage Grant (upto 02 Daughters)

(Pensioner/Non-Pen upto Hav Rank)



Rs 50,000/- *

Widow Re-Marriage Grant

(Pensioner/Non-Pen upto Hav Rank)

*  If married solemnly on or after 21 Apr 16

(e) Medical Treatment Grant

(Non-pensioner uptoHav Rank)

Rs 30,000/- (Max)
(f) Orphan Grant

(Pensioner/Non-pen All Ranks)

  • Daughters of ex-servicemen till she is married.
  • One Son of ex-servicemen upto 21 years of age.



Rs 3,000/-PM

     g) Vocational Trg Grant For Widows

(Pensioner/Non-Pen uptoHav Rank)

Rs 20,000/-

(One Time)

  • Serious diseases Grant from AFFD Fund to Non Pensioners ESM of all Ranks:-
(a) Serious Diseases   as listed below: –

Angioplasty, Angiography, CABG, Open Heart Surgery, Valve Replacement, Pacemaker Implant, Renal Implant, Prostate Surgery, Joint Replacement and Cerebral Stoke.


Other Diseases: Where more thanRs 1.00 Lac has been spent on treatment


75%/90% of total    expenditure for officers and

PBOR respectively.

Upto Rs 1.25 Lac (max)






(b) Dialysis and Cancer treatment 75%/90% of total expenditure

Officer and PBOR respectively

Upto a  max of Rs 75,000/- per FY only.

  • Modified Scooter Grant: Rs one lakh provided to those ESM, who are disabled after service with a disability of 50% or more and who are not covered under the scheme of AG’s Branch of IHQ (Army, Navy & Air Force).
  • Subsidy on Home Loan: KSB Reimburses 50% of interest by way of subsidy on home loan from Bank/public sector institutions for construction of house to war bereaved, war disabled and attributable peace time casualties. Rs 1,00,000/- (Max)
  • Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme: Total 5500 scholarship are provided to eligible wards based on merit for the entire duration of the courses. The rates of Scholarship are as follows: –

(a)   Rs. 2500/- per month for boys.

(b)   Rs. 3000/- per month for girls.

  • Financial support to institutions involved in rehabilitation of ESM:-

S No Organisation Quantum of Aid/Grant
(a) Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centers

(i) Kirkee

(ii) Mohali


Establishment grant (per annum)

(i) Rs 1.20 cr

wef Apr 16


(ii)Rs 10,00,000/-   30,000/- per annum

per inmate

(wef Apr 2015)

(b) All India Gorkha Ex-servicemen welfare association, Dehradun


Rs. 12,00,000/- per annum


Cheshire Homes

(i)   Lucknow, Delhi & Dehradun




Rs 15,000/- per annum per inmate


(d) War Memorial Hostels.  There are 36 WMHs which provide shelter to the children of War Widows/War disabled, attributable and non attributable cases. Rs 1350/- per month

  • Reservation of seats in Medical/Dental Colleges for wards of Defence Personnel as Govt of India Nominee: A total of 42 MBBS seats and 3 seats in BDS courses are allotted by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to KSB for wards of defence personnel as a Govt of India nominee. Priority I is given to killed in action.
  • Rail Travel Concession Identity Cards: KSB Sectt issues rail travel concession identity cards to war widows.

This information was given by Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri Ajay Bhatt in a written reply to Shri Jaswant Singh Bhabhor in Lok Sabha today.

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