Government has Launched Coking Coal Mission to Meet the Demand of Domestic Coking Coal

New Delhi : The details of domestic raw coking coal production and dispatch during 2020-2021 is as under:

(In Million Tonne)

Sector Production Despatch
Public 38.934 38.150
Private 5.853 5.850
All India 44.787 44.000

The details of domestic raw coking coal dispatch of Coal India Limited (CIL) State-wise is as under:

(In Million Tonne)

State Despatch in 2021-22 Despatch in 2022-23(Till June)
Andhra Pradesh 0.004 0.000
Assam 0.027 0.024
Bihar 5.784 1.283
Chattisgarh 0.125 0.000
Delhi 0.001 0.027
Gujrat 0.004 0.000
Haryana 2.682 0.992
Jharkhand 17.777 5.375
Madhya Pradesh 0.151 0.026
Maharashtra 0.002 0.062
Punjab 1.323 0.729
Tamil Nadu 0.113 0.011
Uttar Pradesh 5.190 2.155
West Bengal 14.579 2.975
Nagaland 0.004 0.000
Grand Total 47.762 13.659


According to National Steel Policy 2017, to achieve steel making capacity of 300 MTPA (including 180 MTPA through Blast Furnace route) by 2030, ~170 MT coking coal will be required by 2030.


Government has launched Coking Coal Mission to meet the demand of domestic coking coal as projected by the Ministry of Steel and has set target for raw coking Coal production by 2030 as under-


Company Production ( MT) by 2030
CIL 105
Others including allocated coking Blocks 35
Total 140 MT


To achieve the above target, the Government has taken steps to explore new coking coal blocks, auction of new coking coal mines, enhancing raw coking coal production and enhancing coking coal washing capacity.

CIL has also taken the following steps to increase the output/production of domestic raw coking coal:

  1. CIL has undertaken constant efforts to enhance coking coal production by capacity addition of existing coking coal producing mines and by opening new coking coal blocks.
  2. Mass Production Technology has been introduced in coking coal producing UG mines of CIL to enhance the raw coking coal production.
  3. CIL has taken steps regarding offering of coking coal blocks for production to private sector (including some discontinued mines) on revenue sharing basis through MDO route.

This information was given by the Union Minister of Coal, Mines and Parliamentary Affairs Shri Pralhad Joshi in a written reply in Lok Sabha today.

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