Government Dedicated to Technical Education of the Community

The Odisha government showed its dedication to making things easier for the community when it first introduced the ‘Mo Sarkar’ (My Government) scheme, in October 2019. The idea behind the scheme is to use technology to strengthen individuals and the community overall.

Now, there is further news about how the government is taking this process forward. There are exciting developments for people regarding the way they interact with IT and communicate with the state government.

Complete freedom to access services without visiting government offices

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has announced that Odisha residents will be able to access all government services without visiting a government office by August 2020. They will either be able to access the services they need online, call into a common service centre or have services delivered to the door. Gathering all of its services under ‘Mo Sarkar’ means that the state government has to make a commitment to enable its citizens to access online content when they need it.

Digital ability the key to accessing services and improving the skills of residents

It’s not just the continuing focus on ‘Mo Sarkar’ that makes digital ability so important to the people of Odisha. Digital technology is transforming India and it’s important that the residents of Odisha do not get left behind on the journey.

Many residents already use digital technology to an extent. Social Media enthusiasts communicate with friends using platforms like Facebook. Gamers play the most well-known games from Software providers like NetEnt. Sports fans live stream matches from the IPL. However, the state government has made a commitment to make sure that everyone within the state has the digital ability that they need.

This commitment is the main focus for Naveen Patnaik who has spoken about the importance of ensuring that individuals have digital empowerment. He has promised that all levels of digital education will be covered by the government. This includes people who have little digital knowledge and need to have a better understanding of smartphone capabilities and smartphone technology. It also includes more technically accomplished individuals who want to develop more specific expertise in areas such as VR and blockchain technology.

Including digitally talented individuals helps to create a community of professionals in the state. This is a vital advantage as Odisha moves forward in attracting IT investment to the state in order to create more opportunities in the job market.

Ongoing commitment to embrace new technology

Naveen Patnaik recognises that the commitment to digital education is not one that can remain static. He has spoken of the need to help people develop an understanding of new technologies such as VR and blockchain.

Odisha has come a long way since the 2011 census when a little over 1% of people declared that they had an Internet connection. The development of technology since then has been dramatic. The aim of the government is to ensure that the skills of residents are in line with this development.

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