GoAir is the most reliable airline for 11th time in a row

New Delhi: GoAir, India’s fastest growing airline, has created a record of sorts by emerging as the most reliable airline, yet again. GoAir has achieved the highest On-Time-Performance (OTP) amongst the scheduled domestic carriers for the 11th consecutive month in July 2019. As per the data released by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), GoAir posted 80.5% OTP, the highest among scheduled domestic airlines. It must be noted that July was a tough month with the onset of monsoon and inclement weather conditions across the nation.

One of the most important aspects for travelers in our dynamic industry is the need to reach the destination on time. From various research studies, it is evident that achieving better customer satisfaction is not about only airfare and flight availability. When travelers consider an airline, they assign higher weightage to on-time-performance and consider timely arrival as one of the major factors to develop their trust in an airline.

GoAir’s OTP leadership is the result of continuous focus on enhancing customer experience without compromising on service deliveries. During the month of July 2019, GoAir flew 13.26 lakh passengers, with barely 0.46% cancellations and one complain per 20,000 passengers.

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