GoAir lends support to #BreakTheChain, reiterates air travel is the safest mode

Mumbai: GoAir, India’s most trusted airline has extended its full support to various state governments including the Government of Maharashtra’s efforts to impose stricter protocols in order to #BreakTheChain. Air travel has been classified as essential services wherein passengers are allowed to travel to-and-from the airport upon showing valid tickets and boarding passes.

“Let me assure everyone that Air travel is the fastest and safest mode and we at GoAir will continue to adhere to the regulatory and state directives while operating with the highest health safety protocols. Nothing is more important to us at GoAir than the safety and well-being of our staff, crew and passengers. In the view of the second wave, it is all the more prudent to strictly follow the COVID norms laid down by the Ministries of Home Affairs, Health, Civil Aviation and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA),” said Mr. Kaushik Khona, CEO, GoAir.

GoAir has been carrying out the enhanced cleaning procedures to ensure the health and safety of its customers and employees. GoAir uses the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved, hospital-grade disinfectant for deep cleaning the aircraft, i.e. in the cabin, on elements in the flight deck, and in the lavatory. Each GoAir aircraft is equipped with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, which filters out recirculated air on-board each plane to remove airborne particles. HEPA filters are also used in hospitals to provide patients with clean air wherein they extract more than 99.999% of even the tiniest viruses, including COVID-19. At the airports, GoAir disinfects the check-in kiosks, gate areas, check-in counters and ticketing counters at regular intervals.

The airline’s slew of measures include:

Strict social distancing at the airport during check-in and boarding, and on the aerobridges and buses, including row-wise boarding and de-boarding.

Ground time for aircraft between flights increased to allow for cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces that come into contact with crew or passengers in the cabin, galley, and lavatories.

Availability of hand sanitizers at all key touch points on the ground and in the aircraft.

Clearance of seat pockets of all items except for safety card, which is replaced or sanitized after each flight.

Crew wears face masks and gloves at all times when interacting with passengers and when in the aisles.

Announcements made to minimize use of lavatories, and to avoid any non-essential movement in the aisles.

Deep cleaning of aircraft, disinfection, and fogging is undertaken each night for the entire fleet.

All this is over and above the supply of free passenger protective equipment (PPE) kit provided to the passengers when he boards on to Go Air aircraft.

GoAir is also proud to be pioneer to transport the Covid vaccines and was amongst the first in India to carry vaccine consignments on its Aircraft.

GoAir, thus continuous to provide the safest and most convenient travel mode – to its passenger.


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