Global Western Odia Association: First Civil Society of Western Odisha set to be formed, aiming at development of the region

Bhubaneswar: The formation of the first Civil society of Western Odisha as an association, aiming at overall development of the entire Western Odisha region, is all set to take place soon. This thought sparked in minds of a dynamic team that is involved in supporting distressed migrant laborers in different regions across India and abroad as well as facilitating their safe repatriation to their native towns and villages, during this pandemic phase. The New association shall comprise of Young and Enterprising Western Odias spread across all regions of India as well as the International Western Odisha community. The association shall aim for a holistic approach for development of Western Odisha in the areas of Education, Environment, Training and development, Community based livelihood improvement, Migrant workers, support during natural calamity and epidemic situation, Promoting culture of Western Odisha, Recognition of outstanding achiever/s for the cause of Western Odisha in any of the above field. The group shall be named ‘Global Western Odia Association’ (ଗ୍ଲୋବାଲ ବେସ୍ଟେରନ ଓଡ଼ିଆ ଆଶ୍ସୋସିଏସନ).
The First Webinar was conducted by the team wherein prominent intellectuals and media persons of Western Odisha were also present. Discussion was held on different issues of western Odisha in the current situation, followed by a brainstorming session on how to tackle the situation, going forward.
The highly motivated group is eager to work towards welfare of the Entire Western odisha region and seeks support from administration, different sections of the society and government machineries in order to perform at the best of its capabilities.