Girls are bending it in style at Barbil; Khao aur Khelo Nutrition programme for JSW supported U 12 & U16 regional soccer team

Bhubaneswar: Girl soccer team supported by JSW recently won the Ganua Champion’s trophy while competing against Raikela, Joda & Triveni team. To encourage the players and keep their energy level sustained, JSW Foundation is going to launch Khao aur Khelo – a nutrition programme in December comprising protein packed breakfast combo with eggs & banana for 60 players post practice session.
Players are slated for more opportunities in the coming days through local and national exposure in various competitions held by Eastern Indian Football Association and All India Football Association. To keep their motivation level high and sustain their winning feat, Annual Sports Scholarship for top players in the teams is being designed currently.
The company initiated football coaching at Keonjhar earlier this year by helping kids to have access to proper field experience and is sponsoring them at district & state level tournaments. As part of the effort, conveyance expenses for tournaments is borne by the company. Sports jerseys and equipment have also been provided for the Players. Earlier, knockout matches were conducted in villages along mining project area among players in various age groups. So far 25 boys and 25 girls have been shortlisted and are being trained in U12 and U16 group.
JSW has appointed Krushnachandra Mahanta, National level coach for special Olympics and Sanjay Naik, SDC Coach, to train youth from the neighboring villages for competitive Football. Every morning, come rain or sunshine, girls and boys in JSW practice jerseys, beeline for warmup followed by two hours of rigorous practice.
“A discernible change has occurred in the fitness level, especially for girls, they are more resilient in attitude and are ready to face the tournament stress thanks to regular practice,” says Krushna Chandra Mohanta, coach.
Within a short span two girl players from JSW team, Maina Balmuchu & Tarini Nayak have been inducted in to the Keonjhar District Football team. “Regular coaching and everyday practice has helped me a great deal and I am now totally focused on Football. It helps me to concentrate on studies as well. I look forward to the tournaments and dream of making it big someday”, says Tarini Nayak, a 10th grader from Jajang.
The objective is to develop competent players of state, national & international repute by providing them consistent field experience and tournament exposure. Besides, the process would culminate in creating more referee and coaches with access to good income source. Additionally, it would also provide the youth with industry employment opportunities.
Sundergarh & Keonjhar being sporting districts, have a legacy of national talents in Hockey and football. Football being an all pervading passion in Keonjhar, it is a common sight to see young children practicing with empty Bisleri bottles on village roads and the district, especially Barbil region has produced many national level football players.
The vision of the company is to catapult Keonjhar as a soccer hub among top five sporting districts of Odisha that is able to churn out top soccer players over the next five years.
JSW is known for its path breaking Inspire Institute of Sports (IIS) and JSW Foundation has a strong reputation when it comes backing Sport talents. Through the IIS, some of the best talents have been nurtured in the country, many of whom have already bought laurels and done India proud. The company intends to replicate this success in Odisha.

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