Ghare Ghare Arunima – Continued Activities Based Learnings for over 16 Lakh Anganwadi Children of Odisha at Home during Lockdown

Bhubaneswar: In view of closure of Anganwadi Centres (AWCs) due to COVID19 pandemic, there is a need for engaging and stimulating 16,13,775 Anganwadi children(3-6 years)across 72,587 AWCs of the state, who are mostly indoors. WCD & MS Department, in coordination with UNICEF, therefore, has released `Ghare Ghare Arunima`, a calendar based fun filled list of activities for children to be implemented in support of parents and grandparents. This will help sustain early learnings and ensure school readiness of children at home.
Principal Secretary to Govt., WCD & MS Department, while dedicating the programme to the DSWOs and CDPOs, through a video conference today i.e., 21st April, 2020, maintained that, it is important for families to keep young children engaged in meaningful activities at home. She hoped that, the calendar of activities will keep them stimulated and improve their psychosocial wellbeing. It will also strengthen the bondage amongst the members of family and spread happiness at home.
This programme stresses on reaching out to parents for keeping the children engaged in a host of activities such as action songs, dance, painting, storytelling/ listening etc based on the prescribed theme of the month i.e., insects & reptiles . It also focuses on practice of good habits like hand washing, hygiene & sanitation, social distancing etc. to prevent infection. Further, children are to be initiated to household chores such as folding clothes and watering plants etc.
Given the challenges of the lockdown and social distancing measures, the calendar of activities will be shared digitally with parents by the Anganwadi Workers (AWWs). All the DSWOs and CDPOs have been oriented on this today. For families without net connectivity, printed copies of the calendar will be circulated as far as possible.