General KV Krishna Rao Memorial Lecture organized at the United Services Institute (USI) of India

New Delhi : The third edition of General KV Krishna Rao Memorial Lecture was organized by the MAHAR regiment of Indian Army at the United Services Institute (USI) of India, New Delhi on 27 December 2021.

Lt Gen Raj Shukla, GOC-in-C Army Training Command spoke on ‘India’s National Security Futures’ in the event. Bringing out the rapid changes in warfare brought about by informational age technologies already proliferating in the neighborhood, the Army Commander enlightened the audience on the vulnerabilities in national security that could emerge in the future and measures to address such potential gaps. Highlighting the ever increasing span of hybrid warfare, he stated that not only soldiers but all professionals and common citizens have also now come in ambit of frontline combat.

In his opening address, Lt Gen C Bansi Ponnappa, Colonel of The MAHAR Regiment paid rich tributes to General KV Krishna Rao who was also known as the ‘Soldier’s General’ and was himself a foremost authority on matters of national security having authored three books out which ‘Prepare of Perish’ is his most comprehensive work and recommended reading for all officers and experts.


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