GeM makes it mandatory to update country of origin

Government of India has made it mandatory for all catalog owners to update Country of origin in their catalogs. This move is a part of a campaign that makes it important for sellers to promote local products. For new product registration, it is important already to mention the origin country in the listing.

Earlier, upon GeM login, buyers couldn’t see the percentage of listings in the Government e-Marketplace which were local products. But now, as per new government guidelines during Covid-19, they can make a switch to Make in India filter option too.

Bidding process for GeM sellers and buyers has been changed too. Now, people first need to visit the GeM registration page and create a bid. Buyers can also choose to filter MSE purchase preferences. For all defence bids, buyers information will be hidden.

Also, buyers can now choose their contract periods in years. They can also initiate an increase in quantity based on the SLA of the service.

Another change is that TReDS has been integrated to the Government e-Marketplace for bill discounting. Both CPSU buyers and MSME sellers can take advantage of the bill discounts.

For Buyers, a new registration has to be done with NIC. Also, registration of sellers has been divided into four different categories. There is a primary buyer dashboard for the incident management too. For more, you can visit the GeM portal and check for the latest news and updates.

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