Gati Shakti Master Plan to harness the power of Technology for Logistics Improvement : Mr T V Narendran, CII President

New Delhi: Lauding   Prime Minister for the launch of the landmark Pradhan Mantri Gati Shakti Masterplan, Mr T.V Narendran, President, Confederation of Indian Industry, stated that “The launch of PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan will be a gamechanger for industry and would harness the potential of Industry in line with the PM’s vision of scale and speed. The Plan is laserlike in its makeover of India’s infrastructure and is expected to impart significant impetus to national development”.

CII concurred with the Prime Minister that an integrated framework of infrastructure development strategy under the Plan- which envisages a synergetic connectivity network between roads and highways, rail, ports, airports and waterways- would support the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India by seamlessly connecting different regions and industrial hubs. Importantly, a GIS based ERP system for mapping the entire country, which is the core of Gati Shakti Masterplan, would bring about a paradigm shift in infrastructure planning and administration.

The Gati Shakti Master Plan would break silos that generally impede government decision-making and would lead to a fundamental shift in project planning, monitoring and execution. It would bring all stakeholders together and greater intra- government coordination which would lead to faster project roll outs resulting in reduction in time and cost overruns.

The launch of the Masterplan would help to leave behind uncertainty and doubts regarding integrated infrastructure development in the country. The Gati Shakti Plan would lead to a transformational attitudinal change where the slogan now would be ‘will for progress, wealth for progress, work for progress, plan for progress and preference for progress’, the Prime Minister stated.

Further, the integrated transport network envisaged by the Masterplan, would also improve manufacturing and export competitiveness as smooth and efficient transportation of goods, services and people would decrease the logistics expenses which in turn would reduce the cost of doing business in the country. The plan would also integrate the currently excluded regions into the economic mainstream, open-up possibilities of new industrial corridors and make India an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investment.

Apart from promoting manufacturing competitiveness, the plan is expected to be a major booster for job creation especially in the rural areas at a time when the country is recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic. This would have a cascading positive impact on people’s lives, thus increasing their standard of living along with taking the country forward on the path of progress and growth.

Commenting on the progressive and visionary logistics plan unveiled by the Prime Minister, Mr T.V Narendran added that “Coming close on the heels of the National Infrastructure Pipeline and the National Monetisation Plan, the Gati Shakti vision would underscore the primacy of place accorded by the Prime Minister to develop world class infrastructure facilities which is crucial to improve business sentiment and speed up the country’s vision to emerge as a US$ 5 trillion economy in near future”.

CII would like to partner with the government on this stellar initiative to build a new and modern India.

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