Gadkari inaugurates & lays foundation stones of 45 Highway Projects in Madhya Pradesh

New Delhi: Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways and MSMEs Shri Nitin Gadkari inaugurated and laid the foundation stones for 45 highway projects for the State of Madhya Pradesh through video conference today. Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan presided over the virtual function, attended by Union Ministers Shri Thavarchand Gehlot and Shri Narendra Singh Tomar, MoSs Shri Prahlad Singh Patel, Shri Faggan Singh Kulaste and Gen (Dr) V K Singh (Retd), Ministers from the State, several MPs, MLAs and senior officers from the Centre and the State.

These projects for inauguration and foundation laying carry a Road length of 1361 kilometers, involving construction value of Rs 11427 crore. Paving the way for development of MP, these roads will enhance better connectivity, convenience and economic growth in and around the State. Movement of people and goods to and from the State of Madhya Pradesh will also improve substantially especially with the neighbouring States of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh etc. The better roads lead to savings in time and fuel and as well lower emission of pollutants. Further these project will decongest roads and the enroute towns contributing to improved road experience.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Gadkari said, the NH length in the State is 13,248 kms today, which was barely 5,186 kms in the year 2014. He said, Rs 1,25,000 crore worth of development works are underway in Madhya Pradesh. As much as 60 to 70 per cent works have been completed on approx. Rs 30,000 crore worth road works in the State. He said, several of these roads are important for providing connectivity to the tourist spots and backward areas of the State. The Minister announced that by the year 2023, development works worth Rs 50,000 crore are targeted for completion.

The Minister further informed that work has already started on the 1260 km eight lane access controlled Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, of which 244 km 8-lane length will be constructed in Madhya Pradesh at a cost of Rs 8,214 crore. He said, the work has already been awarded for the MP section of this Expressway, which will pass through Ramganj Mandi, Garoth, Jawra and Ratlam areas of Malwa region, and Thandla (Jhabua). He said, a 173 km long 4-lane road will be made to provide connectivity to the Malwa region from the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. This will pass through Indore, Dewas, Ujjain, Agar to Garoth, and the works will be awarded by December this year.

Shri Gadkari asked the CM to quickly grant State Government permission for mining, as it has direct bearing on the speed of Expressway construction. He also requested the CM to urgently distribute the land acquisition money to farmers, which the NHAI has already sent to the State government. *Shri Gadkari also asked for expediting forest clearance which requested CM to review himself as unduly holding up clearance delays projects and the same is not in public interest.

The Minister highlighted the role of MSME sector in improving the employment and economic scenario in Madhya Pradesh. Informing about the recent expansion in the definition of MSME units, he exhorted the CM to utilise the opportunity and explore export potential of handicrafts, handloom, etc which can provide employment to large number of people. *This he said will also help in the progress of Madhya Pradesh.*

Shri Gadkari also announced Rs 700 crore from Central Road Fund(CRF) for Madhya Pradesh to be utilised in the road sector. Inviting He proposals from the State, he said Rs 350 crore worth of proposals may include the proposals from MPs of Madhya Pradesh for road works in their constituency.

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan complemented the Union Minister for his vision and willingness to undertake important Road projects in the State. He said, these roads are blessings for MP as they not only save time and money, but also protect life with reduced accidents. Assuring full cooperation from State machinery, he requested the Union Minister to take up three ambitious Road projects of Madhya Pradesh – Narmada Expressway, Chambal Expressway (also called Atal Progressway), and the Ram Vangaman Path. He said, he will very soon submit detailed reports on these projects to the Centre.

Union Ministers Shri Thavarchand Gehlot, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar, Shri Prahlad Singh Patel and Shri Faggan Singh Kulaste along with other dignitaries also applauded the work and initiatives taken for various highways projects in MP.

The details of projects which were inaugurated and of those foundation stones of which were laid today are as below :


S. No. Name of the Projects Length (in Km.) Sanction Cost ( Cr.)
Projects ready for Bhoomipujan
1 Construction of 4 lane ROB at km 14+800 (Jerai) on Katin -Beena section of NH-934 ROB 77.26
2 Construction of 2 -lane ROB at Km 36+800 (Jarua) on Sagar -Khuraj-Bina section of NH-934 ROB 66.49
3 Construction of Major Bridge at Betwa River (436 mtr) at km. 81/2 on NH-539 Bridge 24.66
4 Construction of High level Bridge across Kshipra River at Km 20/2 on Indore Betul section of NH-47 Bridge 9.36
5 Reconstruction of 6 nos. submersible/ narrow/ distressed bridges on Jabalpur-Dinori section of NH-45 Ext. Bridge 26.02
6 Strengthening work in km. 1/550 to 23 of Indore – Betul Road on NH-47 22.6 14.03
7 Strengthening work in km. 32 to 35 of Ambua to Dahod on NH-56 4 2.58
8 Strengthening work in km. 41 to 55 of Gulganj-Amanganj-Pawai-Katni Road on NH-43 Ext 15 6.58
9 Strengthening work in km. 82=1, 101 to 103=3, 106=1, 112=1, 120 to 122=3, 124 to 134=11, 135 to 145= 11, 163 to 164=2, 167= 1, 182 to 183=2, 188= 1, & 220 to 222.400= 3.400 ( Tikamgarh- Prathvipur – Orchha Road) on NH-539 40.4 16.73
10 Strengthening work in km. 1, 2, 5 to 10, 13,14,18,20,26 to 33, 77 to 85, 96 to 98, 162 to 195 of Dinara- Pichhor Road on NH-346 68 33.27
11 Strengthening work in km.115, 122, 127, 128, 136 to 148, 159, 182, 183, 188, 201 of Sawai Madhopur-Sheopur-Goras-Shyampur Road on NH-552 Extn. 22 11.02
12 4L of Nanasa to Pidgaon from Km 95.000 to 142.445 of Indore – Harda Section of NH-47 47.445 866.64
13 4L of Harda to Temgaon from Km 0.000 to 30.000 of Harda-Betul Section of NH-47 30 555
14 4L of Chicholi to Betul from km 81.00 to km 121.248 of Harda-Betul section of NH-47 40.25 620.36
15 4-laning of Katni Bypass section of NH-30 20 194.4
16 Banmor- Shanichara Mandir road under CRIF scheme 12.66 19.92
17 Shanichara Mandir- Bateshwar Padavali Rithora road under CRIF scheme 9.8 13.36
18 Kheda Ajnoda Kutwar – Bichola Rithora road under CRIF scheme 13.76 22.19
19 Pichhore Dinara road to Village Mijaura- Chanderi-Pichhor road via Chandu Pahadi, Manka, Kachhowa, Gadroli, Khurai, Jungipur, Bhitargawan, Manpur road under CRIF scheme 23.00 29.62
Sub Total (Bhoomipujan) 369 2609
Projects ready for Inauguration
20 2L+PS from Km 81 to 175 of Sanchi-Sagar section of NH-146 94.64 287.34
  1. of High level Bridge over Dhasan river at Km. 146/8-10 of Bhopal-Sanchi-Sagar section of NH-146
Bridge 16.68
22 Balance work of 2 L+PS of Bhopal-Sanchi Section of NH-146 53.775 304.58
23 Reconstruction of 29 nos. Culverts and Minor bridges between Km. 3/8 to 87 Sagar- Chattarpur –MP/UP Border section of NH-34 Bridge 39.73
24 2L+PS from Km 131 to 189/4 of Sagar- Chattarpur section of NH-34 57.42 178.23
25 Construction of HL Bridges at Km. 188/4 on Chattarpur-UP Borader section of NH-34 Bridge 8.58
26 2L+PS from Km 0.00 to 36.71 of Rewa-Sirmour section of NH-135B 36.71 162.56
27 2L+ PS from Km 5.500 to Km 22.910 (Khilchipur Jirapur section of newly declared NH-752B 25.18 101.61
28 Strengthening work in km. 0 to 3200 Biaora Maksudangarh Road on New NH 752B 3.2 1.64
29 Strengthening work in km. 34.560 to 36 of Anjad – Thikari Road on NH-347B 1.44 0.91
30 Strengthening work in km.20 to 22 of (Jabalpur-Kundum-Shahpura-Dindori Road) & Km. 194, 195, 219, 220 of Sagar Tola – Kabir chabutra stretch on NH- 45 Extn. 7.6 3.31
31 4L of Rewa to Maihar section of NH-30 (Package-I) 69.19 1032.29
32 4L of Maihar to Katni and Katni to Sleemnabad section of NH-30 (Package-II) 69.07 1034.11
33 4L of Sleemnabad to Jabalpur section of NH-30 (Package-IV) 68.26 1035.15
34 4L of Jabalpur – Lakhnadon section of NH-30 & NH-34 80.82 1244.43
35 4L of Biaora – Pachore- Sarangpur- Shajapur- Makshi- Dewas Section of NH-52 141.26 1583.79
36 4L of Lalghati to Mubarakpur (Pkg-I) of Bhopal-Biaora Section of NH-46 8.275 374.4
37 4L of Nayagaon to Satanwarda of Gwalior-Shivpuri Section of NH-46 97 1055
38 4L of existing road from km 169/6 to km 173/ 6 (Mohana Town Portion) of Gwalior- Shivpuri Section of NH-46 3.2 22.89
39 4L of existing road from Simariya Tekri to Haripura Tiraha road from Km. 41/8 to Km. 50/10 of NH-44 at Dabra Town and Jaurasi Mandir approach Road from Km. 22/4 to Km. 23/6 of NH-44 10.3 56.09
40 Narsingpur-Kerpani-Sarsala road under CRIF scheme 18.6 36.00
41 Shivpuri loop marg- Sheetla Mata Chinor road under CRIF scheme 53.2 85.12
42 Makoda-Chhimak-Bagwai-Kariyawati-Shankhni-Dhumeshwar-Badgaur road under CRIF scheme 44.9 69.00
43 Pagara-Karonda-Piroda-Khurd-Bhootmadi-Rusalla-Khamkhera road under CRIF scheme 35.08 29.22
44 Barlai Jagir Mundla Husain Dhankhedi phata to Dhankhedi Jaitpur Dharmpuri road (Major District road 45-32) under CRIF scheme 13.06 15.65
45 Construction of 2 -lane ROB at Betoli fatak Ganj Basoda Railway crossing no. 288 in Vidisha District under CRIF scheme ROB 40.00
Sub Total (Inauguration) 992 8818
Grand Total 1361 11427

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