From November 1st, 2023, bidders can purchase 200 MT wheat through Open Market Sale Scheme (Domestic)

To increase the availability of wheat in the open market and to further stabilize the prices of wheat, w.e.f. 01.11.2023, the maximum quantity a bidder can purchase under Open Market Sale Scheme (Domestic) [OMSS (D)] has been increased to 200 MT from 100 MT and the total quantity offered per e-auction across India has been increased to 3 LMT from 2 LMT.

As a part of Govt of India initiative for market intervention to control the retail price of rice, wheat and atta, weekly e auctions of both wheat and rice are organized. The 18th e-auction of 2023-24 was held on 26.10.2023. A quantity of 2.01 LMT wheat from 444 depots was offered across the country.

In the e-auction, 2763 empaneled buyers participated for wheat. And 1.92 LMT wheat was sold to 2318 successful bidders.

The weighted average selling price was Rs. 2251.57/qtl for FAQ wheat against the reserve price of Rs. 2150/qtl Pan India whereas weighted average selling price of URS wheat was Rs. 2317.85/qtl against the reserve price of Rs. 2125/qtl.

The traders are kept out from the ambit of wheat sale under OMSS (D) in order to avoid hoarding of stocks and regular checks/inspections are also being made at the Flour Mills of the processors who have purchased wheat under OMSS (D). Till 26.10.23, 1627 checks across the country have been made.


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