From Bombay to Bhubaneswar, “Suta” weaves it’s way to Odia hearts

By Debamitra Mishra 


The exclusive store opening of SUTA in Bhubaneswar, has sparked an excitement among all the saree lovers as well the weaver community based in Odisha. Founded by Sujata Biswas and Taniya Biswas, Suta has garnered much love across the nation over the years.

In a recent interview with Sujata Biswas, the co-founder and entrepreneur of SUTA Bombay, Odisha Diary had the pleasure of discussing the brand’s new store opening in Bhubaneswar and its deep-rooted connection to Odisha.

Sujata began by expressing her excitement about the new SUTA store in Bhubaneswar, highlighting the anticipation among saree enthusiasts and the weaver community. She emphasized how Odisha holds a special place in her heart, as it’s where they initially learned about weaving, and it’s also the home of a significant portion of SUTA’s weavers.

While originally from Kolkata, Sujata and Taniya consider Odisha their second hometown. Over the years, SUTA has gained immense popularity in Odisha due to its comfortable saree collections, particularly in cotton and similar textiles. People from various places have traveled to attend SUTA’s exhibitions in Odisha, prompting them to establish a permanent store in the region.

Sujata shared that they have incorporated traditional Odia elements into their collections, such as Pattachitra Art, Applique work from Pipili, Maniabandha, Ikkat, and various Sambalpuri sarees like Kotpad. They also have plans to collaborate with more artisans and weavers in Odisha in the near future, now that they have a permanent base in Bhubaneswar.

One significant advantage of being in Bhubaneswar is improving the supply chain with the local weavers who typically work in small setups. SUTA aims to streamline the process for them.

Sujata revealed that SUTA operates in different modes, supplying yarn to weavers in some cases and allowing them to procure materials locally in others. They ensure that weavers work seamlessly and without any burden, paying them immediately for their work and maintaining strict quality standards.

The name “SUTA,” which means “Thread” and “Daughter,” held deep significance for the sisters. It’s also the initials of Sujata and Taniya, serving as a driving force behind their decision to start SUTA, despite not having a family background in business.

Sujata shared her favorite collection from SUTA, expressing her love for handwork. She particularly admires the Applique work saree from Pipili and Puri, which took one and a half months to complete. Additionally, she mentioned the “Surreal Escape” collection, featuring handloom organza hand-embroidered sarees, and their first launch of Mul-Mul, which remains her forever favorite.

In a heartwarming note, Sujata reminisced about her time in Odisha, calling it her true home. From her school days to cherished memories of friends, food, and movies in Bhubaneswar, Odisha holds a special place in her heart. She recalled boarding buses from Laxmisagar Chhak to Siripur and visiting Market Building for shopping and enjoying local Odia cuisines like Santula, Pakhala, and Badi Chura. Sujata expressed her longing for Odisha’s traditional dishes and the Sev-Boondi she used to enjoy during special occasions at school. She hopes to revisit these cherished memories and experiences on her recent visit.