Forest fire situation in Odisha including Similipal as on today is totally contained & controlled

Bhubaneswar: The forest fire situation in the State including Similipal as on today is totally contained & controlled. There is no continuous fire in the State also as of now. This has been possible because of immediate & proactive steps taken by the State Government to check & control forest fire in the State and massive inhibited support of local communities who have come all out and assisted the forest officials in fire extinguishing in the field.
However, considering that the major fire season is still left and fire activity increases with the rise in the temperature after the onset of summer season, the Field officials have been directed to be on full alert & vigil to prevent any proliferation of fire in their areas.

The RCCFs & DFOs have been advised to be in constant touch with the District administration to get their continued support in fire mitigation & to mobilise local community/ VSS EDC & PRI Institutions in fire mitigation & management.

The monitoring of fire fighting efforts of field officials, including night patrolling is being monitored 24*7 by the FITGC Cell of PCCF office.The field officials upto beat Guard has been directed to immidiately attend to the real time satellite based forest fire alert points received from FSI, Dehradun and douse and upload the photos of the attended forest fire point in their GPS PDA or official mobile for online monitoring of the fire preparedness and
response of different field formations by the Headquarters. The response of field to field officials is more than 95%. As of now as per FSI Alerts information, there are no ongoing continuous fire point in the State.

The augmented manpower & infrastructure is effectively deployed/redeployed in the field to continue mitigating prevailing fire situation in the State effectively, particularly in identified VAs (Vulnerable Areas) & Hot Spots.

The 8 ODRAF teams with 25 members along with Fire Officials are being actively engaged in dousing forest fire along with forest staff. The Central Team after their Simlipal visit & Kuldiha WL sanctuary today visited Chandaka WL Sanctuary along with our field officials & would be interacting with the Government on Monday.

The State Government/ Task Force is on continuous Monitoring & reviewing the prevailing fire situation with field officials which has been brought now totally under control.