“Focus on shared prosperity for people across the world making all stakeholders in the value chain prosperous”- Minister Piyush Goyal

Shri Piyush Goyal, Union Minister of Commerce & Industry, Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, and Textiles, Government of India said that business is not just about numbers but about building relationships, partnership, collaborating, learning, technology and innovation. During the Trade and Investment Promotion Event for the Agricultural and Food Processing sector with Indian companies and Canadian importers on the sidelines of SIAL-2023, Toronto, Canada yesterday, the Minister said that focus has to be on shared prosperity for people across the world making all stakeholders in the value chain prosperous.

Sh. Goyal said that this is an opportunity to celebrate the Canada-India partnership and there is a huge potential of growth in the expansion of business and engagement between the two countries. He said that value addition of food products is a priority area. Sh. Goyal stressed that Indian businesses must focus on quality, scale, design, packaging, etc. to earn the confidence and trust of consumers and businesses in Canada.

The Minister appreciated the participation by Indian businesses at SIAL 2023 as it showcased India to the world. He said that the challenge ahead is to organize a larger and bigger trade show in the food industry in India or abroad showcasing the best we have to offer across continents. Sh. Piyush Goyal said that SIAL 2023 offered an opportunity to hone product quality and marketing skills of the food industry. Sh. Goyal said that ‘World Food India’ in November 2023 can serve as the platform that can showcase the best of India & collaborate with businesses across the world. He said that as a part of outreach as G20 President, Government and businesses need to put their best efforts in this respect.

The Minister said that the food industry is a high profile, high profits and high growth sunrise sector. He said that it is a focus area of Government and businesses as it directly impacts agriculture in India by adding value to the products of farmers and encouraging diversification of crops, fruits, vegetables. Sh. Goyal said that this industry’s contribution to the growth story of India is immense and valuable as it brings better life for the families engaged in farming and agriculture related sources of livelihood.

The Minister highlighted that there is multifold growth potential in the bilateral trade of India-Canada in this sector. Sh. Goyal said that the food industry has been able to bring the best of India into Canada and promised encouragement by the government in expansion of their businesses in Canada. He said that the export of agri-based products, foodstuffs, food products, marine products, etc. from India is rising but there is huge potential for more exports of these products.

Sh. Goyal said that millets are becoming popular amongst consumers in India and the world, it is important to highlight the nutritional and health benefits of millets especially among the youth who need high energy and high protein food intake. He said that millets can be a game changer in promotion of the Indian food industry. The Minister praised the serving of millets at the event.

In another meeting with Canadian companies inToronto, Canada earlier yesterday, Sh. Piyush Goyal invited the people and businesses from Canada to visit India. He said that the India that they will visit now is truly a New India. The Minister also invited them to join the B20 Sessions and sectoral engagements being organized across the country under India’s G20 Presidency. He also encouraged the Canadian companies to hold Board meetings in India.

Sh. Goyal said that India is not only the fastest growing large economy but also a consistently growing economy. He said that as India grows as an economy in the next 25 years, he invited Canadian businesses to be a part of India’s growth journey.

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