Focus during unlock period is on defeating corona, strengthening economy, says PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared his thoughts in Mann Ki Baat programme and reminded people that the country has moved out of the lockdown phase to the unlock phase of Corona crisis.

He said, during this unlock period, one will have to focus deeply on two points – defeating corona and strengthening the economy and bolstering it. He told that during the unlock period, people have to stay more vigilant compared to the lockdown period and only their ness can save them from corona.
He said, during the corona pandemic, people have to protect themselves from different diseases also. He suggested to keep using Ayurvedic medicines, herbal decoction and hot water to stay healthy.

PM Modi said, during this unlock phase, many other things are getting unlocked, which had hitherto, shackled the country for decades. He said, for years the mining sector , space and agriculture were in a state of lockdown.

Now the decisions taken by Government have unshackled the bottlenecks and given a boost to these sectors.
Citing an article, the Prime Minister said, during the Corona pandemic, the demand for spices including ginger, turmeric and other spices has increased not only in Asia but also in America.

He said, the entire world is focused on increasing their immunity at this time, and these immunity enhancing ingredients are linked with India. He said, we should be able to communicate about it in easy and simple language to the people across the globe for a healthier planet.

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