First Time Tribal People Celebrate Odiya New Year With Odiya Family Cakes


Bhubaneswar: A New Delhi based social organization ASSRA, who works for socially rehabilitees, first time start a unique festival within the tribal’s of Kandalei Village 25kms from state capital under Jatni constitution with special Odiya cakes on the eve of Odiya Nava Barsa. The very well-known cakes of Odisha the Manda, Gaintha, Chakuli, Chitau, Suji kakara , Arisa, Idli etc. prepared and the local school teacher of Kanaklata Mishra the head mistress of Arisol upper primary school and Arnapurna Dei the teacher, Pamalaya Nath of Gamei upper primary school help them.

The programme was inaugurated by the local head Master Pabitra Mohan Nayak, and controlled by the social activists Sushanta Sahu, Priyabrata Panda, Er.Basudev Mishra. At last the trainer cum teachers are got honor from ASSRA in the way of tribal paintings.