Filmmaker Nila Madhab Panda released his new Hindi feature film ‘Halkaa’

Bhubaneswar: The internationally acclaimed and national award-winning Odia filmmaker Nila Madhab Panda’s directed new Hindi feature film ‘Halkaa’ released on Thursday.

The film is produced in association with Akhsay Kumar Parija and Eleeanora Images. The film that has travelled to 18 international film festivals is already winning hearts across the globe.

Produced by Shiva Nadar Foundation, it is the proud recipient of Grand Prix in Montreal and Poland

Panda is known to be an iconoclastic film maker who talks about Indian reality as a rebel artiste. From “I am Kalam” to “Halkaa’’, Panda’s celluloid journey captures many shades of Indian lives and realities. “Halkaa’’ is bound to capture the imagination of the new Indian audience. Panda is confident that the film will work as a teaser to discover new Indian optimism.

The chief protagonist of the film, Pichku, who has made quite a mark with the international audience, is sure to win audience’s hearts in India too. “India hardly produces children films and I am sure ‘Halkaa’ will be a definite joyride for kids,” opined Panda.