FICCI welcomes MNRE’s decision to grant blanket extension to Renewable Energy projects till the period of lockdown and beyond for normalisation after lockdown

New Delhi: FICCI welcomes Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s decision to grant a blanket extension to renewable energy projects vide its OM, dated April 17, 2020 on account of lockdown due to COVID-19 which will be equivalent to the period of lockdown along with additional 30 days extension provided for normalization after lockdown ends.

FICCI had earlier represented the concerns of renewable energy developers to the Ministry requesting it to provide a blanket extension to renewable energy projects. The decision taken by MNRE will certainly help the renewable energy developers in this time of crisis and will ease them from the worry of submitting the necessary documents/evidence needed to claim the time extension for their projects under Force Majeure.

FICCI would like to welcome the positive steps taken earlier by MNRE to protect the renewable energy industry amid COVID-19 crisis. The steps includes providing clarification on timely payments to renewable energy generators by Discoms, reiterating the must run status of renewable energy which should be honored with no curtailment, reiterating that curtailment other than grid safety reason would amount to deemed generation, allowing invoices for developers to be raised digitally on emails, allowing unrestricted mobility for material movement to enable operations for renewable energy plants and extending the timeline for ALMM List – I (solar PV modules) and ALMM List – II (solar PV cells) by six months till 30th September, 2020. These timely and concrete steps taken by the Ministry will certainly help the renewable energy sector at these critical times.